The Issues


The NFTC’s WTO-OECD Working Group takes a leadership role on behalf of the business community at the WTO and OECD through outreach to officials in Washington, Geneva, Paris and elsewhere.

Supply Chain Policies

Through its Supply Chain Working Group, the NFTC works with government and private sector partners to advance policies that support the resilience and stability of global supply chains.

National Security Policy

The NFTC has launched a major new initiative to provide business input to policymakers on national security issues.

Health & Environment

The NFTC believes in the importance of ensuring that trade policies support global efforts to move to a more environmentally friendly future.

Small Business & Inclusive Trade

A key component of global trade policy that works for all is ensuring that small businesses and traditionally underserved communities have access to the benefits of international trade.

Digital Trade & Frontier Technologies

NFTC has long understood and highlighted the nexus of digital and emerging new technologies with trade policy and the importance of creating forward-looking policies in these areas.

Digital Services Taxes (DSTs)

Digital Services Taxes (DSTs) are harmful taxes, mainly imposed on gross revenue, levied on multinational corporations in domestic markets where consumers access digital offerings and services.

Tariff Reform Coalition

The Tariff Reform Coalition (TRC) is a broad-based alliance of trade associations representing U.S. stakeholders adversely affected by the Section 232 and Section 301 tariffs imposed during the Trump Administration.

Trade Through the Years