About The NFTC

The National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) is the premier association for leadership, expertise and influence on international tax and trade policy issues. Founded in 1914, the NFTC promotes an open, rules-based global economy on behalf of a diverse membership of U.S.-based businesses. The Council works on behalf of our member companies to engage in advocacy and education on international tax, international trade, global supply chains, and national security policies.

We believe trade and tax policies should foster fair access to the opportunities of the global economy and advance global commerce for good.

Advancing Global Commerce

NFTC serves as a nimble and effective forum for businesses to tackle critical and complex issues together and to foster trust with governments to improve policy outcomes in the United States and around the world. Leveraging its broad membership, expertise and influence, the NFTC contributes to a greater understanding of the critical role of an open, rules-based international economy in the success of American businesses, entrepreneurs and workers and shared global prosperity.

The NFTC offers advice, advocacy, and access through regular meetings, private consultations with officials, public events, media briefings, and role as a trusted advisor for members.