The NFTC & The WTO

Since 2001, the NFTC’s WTO Working Group has taken a leadership role on behalf of the business community at the WTO through outreach to officials in Washington, Geneva and elsewhere, and the organization of business delegations to Geneva.

The NFTC has always been a staunch supporter of the WTO. We strongly believe in strengthening the organization so it can play a role in advancing global commerce for good, including improving health and climate outcomes, creating more resilient and secure supply chains and fostering a more inclusive global economy and open digital marketplace.

The WTO Working Group’s priorities include:

  1. E-Commerce and Digital Trade: Supporting the conclusion of an ambitious and commercially meaningful WTO agreement on e-commerce, reinvigorating services market access discussions and encouraging stronger enforcement and further expansion of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA).
  2. Advancing WTO Reform: Advocating for strong U.S. leadership in restoring a fully-functioning dispute settlement system, improving the WTO’s monitoring function through greater transparency and reporting, and ensuring WTO members make commitments commensurate with their role in the global economy.
  3. Encouraging a Commercially-Meaningful WTO Agenda: Encouraging WTO members to commit to shape global rules on emerging priority areas, including supply chains and trade facilitation, trade and health, trade and environment, and small business and inclusive trade.