Engaging the Global Digital Economy

A key component of global trade policy that works for all is ensuring that small businesses and traditionally underserved communities have access to the benefits of international trade.

Through the Global Innovation Forum (GIF), the NFTC elevates small-, women-owned, and minority business voices to foster an inclusive policy landscape that enables companies of all sizes across the world to innovate, trade and engage in the global digital economy.

GIF’s priorities include:

  1. Unlocking Opportunities for Small Businesses: Encouraging the implementation of modern global trade rules that enable small businesses to access the benefits of digitally-enabled trade and supporting the advancement of a global digital trade agenda that encourages small businesses’ exports and use of digital tools, promotes inclusive innovation and adopts digital technologies in trade facilitation.
  2. Supporting Small Business Recovery and Resilience: Advocating for government policies that support small businesses’ global and digital transformations, through financial assistance and export and digital capacity building.
  3. Mainstreaming Inclusive and Sustainable Trade: Emphasizing the importance of government policies that ensure that the benefits of trade extend to traditionally underserved communities, including women and minority-owned businesses and the role of digital trade in advancing equity for small businesses, supporting their ability to compete globally, and bolstering resilience.