Our Projects

NFTC Foundation

The NFTC maintains an affiliated, independent 501(c)(3) educational organization, the NFTC Foundation. It conducts educational efforts in support of an open, rules-based global economy, including public conferences and an annual awards event.

Global Innovation Forum (GIF)

GIF, housed under the NFTC Foundation, connects business, startup and non-profit leaders with public policymakers to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with engaging in the global marketplace in the digital age.

National Security Policy

The NFTC has launched a major new initiative to provide business input to policymakers on national security issues.

Tariff Reform Coalition

The Tariff Reform Coalition (TRC) is a broad-based alliance of trade associations representing U.S. stakeholders adversely affected by the Section 232 and Section 301 tariffs imposed during the Trump Administration.

The NFTC offers advice, advocacy, and access through regular meetings, private consultations with officials, public events, media briefings, and role as a trusted advisor for members.