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Rufus Yerxa Ambassador Yerxa became President of the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) in May 2016. The NFTC, founded in 1914, is the leading trade association dedicated solely to advancing the interests of U.S. companies in international commerce. The organization represents over 200 companies through its offices in Washington, D.C. and New York. As president, he oversees NFTC's efforts in favor of a more open, rules based world economy, focusing on key issues to U.S. competitiveness such as international trade and tax policy, economic sanctions, export finance and human resource management. He is also a Visiting Professor with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS).

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Contact: ryerxa@nftc.org

Jake Colvinis a Vice President, Global Trade Issues, at the NFTC. Jake leads the Council's work to modernize trade rules for the digital age and heads a project to promote trade policy solutions to pressing global challenges such as climate change. He directs a series of dialogues around the country with business leaders, educators and entrepreneurs to explore the role of the global marketplace in the success of American businesses and workers. Jake has written for Business Week, blogged for Comedy Central, testified before Congress and provided analysis for outlets including CNN and Time Magazine. Originally from Long Island, New York, he is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and the University of Richmond.

Contact: jcolvin@nftc.org

Vanessa Sciarrais is joining us as our new Vice President for Legal Affairs and Trade & Investment Policy.

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Catherine Schultz is the Vice President for Tax Policy at the NFTC. Her responsibilities include international tax policy including legislative, regulatory, administration, and tax treaty activity. Prior to joining the NFTC, she was a Principal at Capital Strategies Group, LLC, where she represented client interests on pending tax legislation and served as a legislative advocate on international taxation, research and development, depreciation and capital gains.

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Contact: cschultz@nftc.org

Richard Sawaya is Vice President. In this role, he oversees the advocacy efforts of the USA*Engage Unilateral Sanctions Project, which was formed in 1997 to promote alternatives to the use of costly and ineffective unilateral U.S. sanctions. Sawaya also works with the NFTC to press for reform of U.S. visa and entry policies and the export control system.

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Contact: rsawaya@nftc.org

Marshall Lane is the Senior Director of Operations at the NFTC. He is responsible for the overall management of operations, information technology and member services for several hundred-member companies with international trade, human resources and international tax interest.

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Contact: mlane@nftc.org

Vivian D. Myers is the Office Manager at the NFTC.
Contact: vmyers@nftc.org

Sarah E. Freseis a Program Director at the NFTC. She is also a contributor to Oxford Analytica, a political and macro-economic consultancy. She previously was an Associate at Oxford Analytica, where she worked on engagements ranging from strategic development in the public and private sectors to bespoke analytical work for clients focused on international business issues, energy, economic diversification and monitoring of the Eurasia region. She also managed relations with US-based and government clients. Prior to joining Oxford Analytica, Sarah worked at Atlantic Council, as the Coordinator of the Black Sea Energy and Economic Forum (now the Atlantic Council Energy and Economic Summit). She coordinated the Summit's first two annual meetings in Bucharest and Istanbul in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Sarah received her BA from Central College, IA, and has a Master's degree at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in the Center for Russian, Eurasian and Central European Studies.

Contact: sfrese@uskzba.org

Veronica Berkshirejoined the NFTC in November 2016 as Director of Communications. Prior to joining NFTC, Veronica was Press Secretary at the Embassy of Colombia in Washington D.C., where she was responsible for the Embassy's overall communications strategy, including press outreach and social media presence. Veronica is a native of Bogota, Colombia and she holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Political Science from Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Contact:  vberkshire@nftc.org

William R. Sheridan is Vice President, International Human Resource Services of the NFTC. Based in the New York City office of the NFTC, Bill is responsible for several of their international human resource committees and roundtables; expatriate cost management information; policy and vendor resources; and the human resource professionals database.

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Contact: wsheridan@nftc.org

Grace M. O'Rourke is a Vice President based in the New York City office of the NFTC.
Contact: gorourke@nftc.org

Drew Mani is the Office Manager at the NFTC's New York Office.
Contact: dmani@nftc.org