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Bill M. Daley, Assistant to the President & White House Chief of Staff

...Bill and I, as some of you may know, served together under President Clinton in the Commerce Department, and his knowledge and his understanding of trade and exports is unparalleled. And [he is] someone that when I was at the Commerce Department, I truly leaned on for advice and expertise and good judgment, which is extremely hard and the most difficult thing to find, in my opinion, in people in government and the private sector — that is people who have good judgment, and Bill Reinsch surely has that. And he's been a tremendous steward of the National Foreign Trade Council and I know you are grateful for his leadership, and we in the Administration are grateful for the leadership that he brings to this town in so many ways…"

Sarah Thorn, Director of International Trade, Wal-Mart
The NFTC has recognized the nexus between environment and trade and therefore recently created the Trade and Climate Working Group, to press for policies that are mutually reinforcing in advancing environmental goals and promoting growth of green trade and jobs. The NFTC's call for an agreement to lower barriers for environmental goods and services is just one example of this kind of policy. But it's essential really to bring all parties together to the table – NGOs, individuals, corporations – to devise such win-win policies.

Herbert Henkel, Chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand Company
The work you do on behalf of global commerce and free trade benefits all of our businesses – year-in and year-out. Through their policy work, educational efforts and direct involvement in legislative and regulatory matters, the NFTC ensures that business, nations and people around the world continue to enjoy the economic progress that results from open trade and cross-border investments. There will always be challenges to globalization and economic integration – whether from anti-business groups or protectionist regimes. These challenges increase whenever economies experience the strains of market corrections or financial contractions. So now is an especially important moment in time for the work of the NFTC.


Ambassador Ron Kirk, U.S. Trade Representative
To Bill Reinsch, thanks for the great work, Bill, that you and your team do. I've heard nothing but the highest praise from our team at USTR in terms of support that we get from you and your organization.

Dean Barron Harvey, Dean Howard University Business School

At the forefront of building awareness and understanding about the rules based economy is the National Foreign Trade Council. Founded in 1914, the council is the oldest and largest trade association devoted to building understanding and advocating for an open and rules based international trading system. Bill [Reinsch] is an elegant and articulate educator on the global trade systems and runs one of the truly finest coalitions in Washington, DC.

Robert E. Rubin, Former Secretary of the Treasury
The NFTC and its members have been a strong and important voice in a number of debates related to international economics.

Ambassador Robert Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative
Thank you for all your efforts to help us prepare for the WTO Ministerial in Doha. The NFTC has done a tremendous amount of work to promote the launch of new negotiations in the WTO. I was particularly impressed by your efforts to help us address industrial tariffs.

Senator Chuck Hagel
The NFTC has been very important to this country in our exports and our interests in the world. We recognize that and appreciate it very much.

Ambassador Susan C. Schwab, U.S. Trade Representative
The National Foreign Trade Council is in a league by itself, and, for those of you who are dues paying members, you get your money's worth from Bill and the staff. I can say that as one who has needed your help and relied on your help in moving legislation on the Hill, sometimes stopping legislation on the Hill...

Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez
The National Foreign Trade Council is an exceptional organization that understands the role of America in the world economy.

Pascal Lamy, Director General of the World Trade Organization

For nearly a century, the National Foreign Trade Council and its members have been among the world's leading advocates for an open, fair and non-discriminatory global trading system. NFTC was there for the creation of the global system after World War II and they remain steadfastly on the scene today. NFTC's work in support of an ambitious outcome to the Doha Round has been vital to generating U.S. support for the negotiations. We count on the NFTC's efforts to secure a deal that delivers substantial benefit to the United States and the entire world.