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Thursday, 3.20.14
U.S. Business Leaders Alarmed About Russia Sanctions
Wall Street Journal
Friday, 3.14.14
Sanctions For Russia?
CTV News
Friday, 3.14.14
Survey Says Corporate Tax System’s Uncompetitive
Accounting Today
Thursday, 3.13.14
The 10 Most Influential People In Tax Policy
Thursday, 3.13.14
Tax Reform Strikes Out In 2014
Accounting Web
Thursday, 3.13.14
Miller & Chevalier And The National Foreign Trade Council Announce Results Of The Eighth Annual Tax Policy Forecast Survey
CityBiz List
Thursday, 3.13.14
Business Not Optimistic On Tax Reform In 2014
Legal Times
Tuesday, 3.11.14
Survey: No Chance Of Tax Reform In 2014
POLITICO Morning Tax
Monday, 3.10.14
New Chill In Russia’s Tepid Economic Ties With U.S.
Financial Times
Friday, 3.7.14
As Talks Of Sanctions On Russia Heats Up, Business Groups Draw Cautionary Line
Washington Post
Sunday, 3.2.14
Threat of U.S. Sanctions Escalates In Russia-Ukraine Dispute
Thursday, 2.27.14
Biz Groups Urge Senate To Ratify Foreign Tax Accords
Law 360
Thursday, 2.6.14
Enforcer Of Obama’s Trade Agenda Seeks Consensus
Financial Times
Thursday, 2.6.14
The Latest U.S. Trade Report Is Good—Wait, No, It’s Bad
Wednesday, 2.5.14
Obama Rhetoric On Overseas Profits Falls Short Of Action: Taxes
Thursday, 1.30.14
Obama’s Goals Clash As Allies Say Trade Push Widens Income Gap
Wednesday, 1.29.14
Reid Shunts TPA Onto Slow Track
The Hill
Tuesday, 1.28.14
First ‘Obamacare,’ Now ‘Obamatrade’? President’s Free Trade Goals In Jeopardy”
Christian Science Monitor
Tuesday, 1.28.14
What To Expect Today: A Corporate Tax Retreat”
POLITICO Morning Tax
Thursday, 1.23.14
“U.S.-Brazil Cotton Dispute Might Ignite All-Out Trade War”
McClatchy Newspapers
Tuesday, 1.14.14
NFTC Celebrates 100 Years
POLITICO Influence
Friday, 1.10.14
Troubles For Trade: Obama’s Fast-Track Plans Face Resistance
McClatchy Newspapers
Tuesday, 12.17.13
Facilitating trade in the Digital Age
Jake Colvin, NFTC, for The Hill's Congress Blog
Friday, 12.13.13
Expatriates Happy With Health Insurance Abroad
Expatriate Healthcare
Tuesday, 11.5.13
Don’t Let NSA Leaks Trump Trade Talks
Jake Colvin, NFTC, for Ideas Lab