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Friday, 12.1.06
U.S. Business Fights Curbs on Exports to China
Emad Mekay, InterPress Service
Friday, 12.1.06
24 US Business Groups, Including NAM, Oppose China Trade Rule
Market News International
Friday, 12.1.06
New BIS Office to Review Dual-Use Controls, Health of Defense Industries
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Thursday, 11.30.06
United States and Lebanon Sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
U.S. Trade Representative
Wednesday, 11.29.06
No More Toys for Kim Jong Il
American Public Media: Marketplace
Thursday, 11.9.06
U.S. Democrats May Force Compromise And Move Trade Bills
Elizabeth Price, Dow Jones
Monday, 10.2.06
Bush Administration Proposals Would Tighten Restrictions on China Trade
William Armbruster, Shipping Digest
Tuesday, 9.26.06
Statement of U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab on President George W. Bush’s Signing of Legislation to Implement the U.S. – Oman Free Trade Agreement
U.S. Trade Representative
Tuesday, 9.5.06
USTR Hosts Second Meeting of the U.S.-Kuwait Trade and Investment Framework Agreement Council
U.S. Trade Representative
Monday, 8.21.06
Duel Over Dual-Use Goods
R.G. Edmonson, Journal of Commerce
Thursday, 8.10.06
Op-Ed: Changing Course On Cuba
USA*Engage Director Jake Colvin
Thursday, 7.27.06
Statement of USTR Susan C. Schwab Regarding Entry Into Force of the U.S. -Bahrain Free Trade Agreement
U.S. Trade Representative
Saturday, 7.22.06
Spicing Up Export Controls
Bruce Stokes, National Journal
Thursday, 7.13.06
Statement by USTR Susan C. Schwab on the Recent Royal Decree Amending Oman’s Labor Law
U.S. Trade Representative
Wednesday, 6.28.06
Groups Promise Big Fight Over Oman Trade Deal
Kate Ackley, Roll Call [Subscription Only]
Friday, 6.9.06
US Official: New Export Controls Won't Hurt China Trade
Rob Curran & Henry Sanderson, Dow Jones
Wednesday, 5.24.06
US Defends Curbs on High-tech Sales to Beijing
Edward Alden & Mure Dickie
Tuesday, 5.2.06
Prospective Expats Need to Look at Spouses' Role
Perri Capell, The Wall Street Journal
Saturday, 4.1.06
Here We Go Again: How a Family's Cross-Cultural and Repatriation Adjustment Relates to the Employee's Receptivity to Future International Assignments
Don Larson, SAM Advanced Management Journal
Friday, 3.10.06
U.S. Firms Fear Blowback from Ports Debacle
Emad Mekay, Inter Press Service
Monday, 3.6.06
The Wrong Message
Alan Field, The Journal of Commerce [Subscription Only]
Thursday, 3.2.06
Labor Promising Battle Over Bush's Mideast Trade Agenda
Keith Koffler, Congress Daily A.M. [National Journal - Subscription Only]
Thursday, 1.19.06
United States and Oman Sign Free Trade Agreement
U.S. Trade Representative
Wednesday, 1.11.06
Statement by U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman on the Signing of Legislation to Implement the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement
U.S. Trade Representative
Monday, 12.19.05
Statement of Christin Baker, USTR Spokesperson Regarding the Implementation of the US–Morocco Free Trade Agreement
U.S. Trade Representative