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Friday, 2.22.08
Industry Criticizes Deemed Export Control Report, Loyalty Test At Issue
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Wednesday, 2.20.08
Industry Warns Of Burdens From Deemed Export Control Report,
Inside U.S.-China Trade [Subscription Only]
Friday, 2.15.08
Bill to Extend Trade Preferences for Developing Nations a House Priority
Timothy R. Homan, CQ [Subscription Only]
Monday, 2.11.08
Bush Administration Seeks to Reform Export Controls
Alan Field, Shipping Digest
Monday, 2.4.08
Cure Worse Than Disease?
Alan Field, Journal of Commerce [Subscription Only]
Sunday, 2.3.08
Growers, Users in NAFTA Faceoff
Larry Lipman, Palm Beach Post
Thursday, 1.31.08
Keeping an Eye on China’s Security
Keith Bradsher, New York Times
Friday, 1.11.08
Climate Change Legislation May Go Before Congress
Pam Kasey, State Journal
Wednesday, 1.2.08
Eased Rules on Tech Sales to China Questioned
Steve Weisman
Tuesday, 12.11.07
Climate – Lieberman-Warner, Energy Bill Susceptible to WTO Challenge: Analysis
Environment & Energy Daily
Monday, 12.10.07
Congress Sends Peru Free-Trade Pact to President's Desk
Cal Trade Report
Tuesday, 12.4.07
U.S. Senate Approves US-Peru Free Trade Pact, By 77 To 18 Vote
Dow Jones
Monday, 12.3.07
Trade Talks Progress Via Incremental Approach
Alan Beattie, Financial Times
Friday, 11.9.07
Despite Dem Defections, House Approves Peru Deal
Ian Swanson, The Hill
Thursday, 11.8.07
Peru Free-Trade Agreement Cleared by U.S. House
Mark Drajem, Bloomberg
Thursday, 11.8.07
Deal with Peru Would Usher in New Approach to Trade
David Lynch, USA Today
Sunday, 10.21.07
Small Steps Likely on Emotional Trade Issue
Marilyn Geewax, Cox News Service
Tuesday, 10.16.07
Tainted Goods Force Free Traders to Retreat
Mark Drajem, Bloomberg
Friday, 10.12.07
WTO Seeks to Rekindle Doha Support
John Zarocostas, Women’s Wear Daily
Friday, 10.12.07
Developing Countries Demand Changes In NAMA, Link To Agriculture
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Wednesday, 10.10.07
U.S. Manufacturers Fear Doha Trade Round Failure
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Friday, 10.5.07
Foreign Groups in Tax Warning
Vanessa Houlder, Financial Times
Wednesday, 10.3.07
U.S. House Leader Offers Some Hope on Trade Deals
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Wednesday, 10.3.07
Hoyer Seeks Bipartisanship on Trade
Ian Swanson, The Hill
Wednesday, 10.3.07
U.S. House Leader Offers Some Hope on Trade Deals
Doug Palmer, Reuters