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Tuesday, 5.15.07
NFTC Cites Importance of Trade to State Economies
Monday, 5.14.07
The United States and Global Trade: A State Legislatorís Guide to Maximizing Economic Opportunity through Trade
Monday, 5.14.07
NFTC Commends Congress and the Administration for Efforts to Achieve Bipartisan Trade Agenda
Wednesday, 5.9.07
USA*Engage and NFTC Caution Against Bills Which Would Hinder Multilateral Effort with Iran
Thursday, 3.22.07
NFTC and Other Members of Visa Policy Coalition Press Congress for National-Interest-Based Reform
Thursday, 3.22.07
NFTC Urges Political Leadership on the Doha Negotiations
Thursday, 3.8.07
U.S. Export Controls and Economic Sanctions for the Oil and Gas Industry
Wednesday, 3.7.07
Remarks to the National Foreign Trade Council International Human Resources Management Conference, Houston, Texas, March 7, 2007
Tuesday, 3.6.07
USA*Engage, NFTC and Other Leading Trade Associations Call for Congress to Reconsider New Iran Sanctions Bill
Friday, 2.23.07
NFTC Lauds New U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Trucking Pilot Program
Friday, 2.23.07
NFTC Applauds District Court Ruling in Illinois Sudan Sanctions Case
Wednesday, 2.21.07
Summary of House Committee on Financial Services Hearing on H.R. 556
Monday, 2.12.07
NFTC Joins New Campaign to Urge Congress to Renew Trade Promotion Authority
Thursday, 2.8.07
Summary of Joint Economic Committee Hearing on Challenges Facing the Middle Class
Monday, 2.5.07
U.S. Exporters Endorse Ex-Im Bank Accounting Change
Wednesday, 1.31.07
Coalition of Academic, Exchange, and Trade Groups Releases New Visa Policy Recommendations
Tuesday, 1.30.07
NFTC Calls for Timely Renewal of TPA and Reform of Farm Programs
Monday, 1.15.07
U.S. and International Business Associations Urge Immediate Reopening of Doha Talks
Monday, 12.11.06
NFTC Applauds 109th U.S. Congress for Voting on Pressing Trade Issues
Wednesday, 12.6.06
USA*Engage Commends Iraq Study Group Recommendations to Engage Iran
Friday, 12.1.06
Twenty-four Associations Urge Secretary of Commerce to Consider Costly Implications of Proposed China Export Control Regulation
Friday, 11.17.06
USA*Engage and NFTC Release 2006 Elections Analysis
Friday, 10.27.06
New Study Reports Use of U.S. Unilateral Sanctions on the Rise
Thursday, 10.12.06
USA*Engage and NFTC Release Trade and Engagement Report Card for 109th Congress
Friday, 9.1.06
NFTC Letter on GSP