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Monday, 11.21.05
Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Favorably Report U.S.-Bahrain FTA
Thursday, 10.27.05
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Marks One Year Anniversary
Thursday, 10.6.05
U.S.-Bahrain FTA Coalition Testifies Before Senate Finance’s Subcommittee on International Trade
Monday, 10.3.05
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Applauds Conclusion of U.S.-Oman FTA
Thursday, 9.29.05
U.S.-Bahrain FTA Coalition Testifies Before House Ways and Means
Friday, 9.23.05
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Urges Congress to Act Swiftly on U.S.-Bahrain FTA
Thursday, 9.22.05
NFTC and USA Engage Cite Concerns with Proposed Unilateral Export Regulations
Thursday, 7.7.05
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Congratulates Bahrain on Passage of FTA
Thursday, 6.30.05
NFTC Leads Business Opposition to Deemed Export Proposal
Thursday, 4.28.05
NFTC President Urges Caution on Export Control Reform
Wednesday, 4.27.05
William Reinsch Addresses ACI: ‘Future of Export Controls’
Friday, 4.1.05
NFTC Leads Call for Changes in Visa Policy
Tuesday, 3.8.05
NFTC Sets Trade and Investment Agenda
Tuesday, 1.25.05
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Congratulates Moroccan
Friday, 1.14.05
U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement Will Create Economic Opportunity
Monday, 11.15.04
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Endorses Launch of Free Trade Agreement Negotiations with Oman and UAE
Thursday, 10.7.04
Business Groups Launch Push for U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Area
Wednesday, 9.29.04
NFTC Urges Rejection of NDAA Export Control Provisions
Tuesday, 9.14.04
U.S.-Bahrain FTA Coalition Applauds Signing of U.S.-Bahrain FTA
Tuesday, 7.20.04
Passage of U.S.-Morocco FTA in House & Senate Committees Should Spur Agreement Completion Before August Recess, Business Coalition Says
Thursday, 7.15.04
U.S.-Morocco FTA Coalition Praises Congress For Strong Approval in Mock Mark Up; Urges Completion Before August Recess
Thursday, 6.24.04
New Survey Reports Major Changes in Employee Relocation Trends Over Last Year
Wednesday, 6.2.04
Visa Backlog Costs U.S. Exporters More than $30 Billion Since 2002, New Study Finds
Wednesday, 3.3.04
U.S.-Bahrain FTA Coalition Lauds Formation of Congressional Bahrain Caucus
Tuesday, 3.2.04
U.S.-Morocco FTA Coalition Applauds Completion of U.S.-Morocco FTA