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Tuesday, 7.29.08
U.S. Still Committed to Doha, Capping Farm Subsidies
Meena Thiruvengadam, Dow Jones
Monday, 7.28.08
Trade Assistance Gets a Boost
Rebecca Brown, The Hill
Friday, 7.25.08
U.S. Senate Finance Committee Delays Action On Trade Assistance
Tom Barkley, Dow Jones
Friday, 7.25.08
GOP Colombia Demands Prompt Delay for Baucus Bill
Rebecca Brown, The Hill
Wednesday, 7.23.08
U.S. Resists Push for WTO rules on Food Names
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Monday, 7.21.08
U.S. Business Groups Push For Good Deal - Or No Deal - On Doha
Tom Barkley, Dow Jones
Monday, 7.21.08
The Spy in the Lab; Paranoia in the U.S.
Nathan Vardi, Forbes Asia
Monday, 7.21.08
G8 Nations Vow to Cut GHG
Bruce Geiselman, Waste News
Monday, 7.21.08
NFTC Urges Sweden to Refrain from Adopting New Tax Proposal
Netfonds [Sweden]
Wednesday, 7.16.08
U.S. Will Make ‘Enormous’ Cuts for WTO Deal
Thursday, 7.10.08
U.S. Business Begins Push for post-Bush Trade Deals
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Thursday, 7.3.08
Lawmakers May Reconsider Which Countries Receive Trade Preferences
Erin McNeil, CQ [Subscription Only]
Monday, 6.30.08
To-Do List From Day 1; Next President Needs to Work on Education, R&D, Export Controls and NASA Funding
John Doyle, Aviation Week [Subscription Only]
Saturday, 6.28.08
Group Honors Hagel for Views on Global Engagement, Trade
Associated Press
Thursday, 6.26.08
Slim Trade Impact Seen in U.S. Move on N.Korea Sanctions
Missy Ryan, Reuters
Tuesday, 6.17.08
Baucus Unveils Bill Tightening Sanctions Against Iran
Congress Daily P.M. [National Journal - Subscription Only]
Wednesday, 6.11.08
Business Groups Back Help For Workers Hurt By Trade
Tom Barkley, Dow Jones
Wednesday, 6.11.08
Business Lobbies for Program to Help Workers Hurt by Trade
Mark Schoeff, Jr., Workforce Management
Wednesday, 6.11.08
Draft Rule Allowing License-Free Exports To Affiliates Set to Be Enacted by Year-End
Gary Yerkey, BNA [Subscription Only]
Tuesday, 6.10.08
Supplemental, Energy, Taxes, Medicare Shape Floor Debates For A Busy Week
Congress Daily A.M. [National Journal - Subscription Only]
Wednesday, 5.28.08
NFTC President Presses for Reform of U.S. Export Controls
Meena Thiruvengadam, Dow Jones
Monday, 5.26.08
Export Controls: Bush Directives Aim to Make it Easier and Faster to Get an Export License
William Armbruster, Pacific Shipper
Friday, 5.23.08
NAMA Text Opens Door For Fewer Developing Country Concessions
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Tuesday, 5.20.08
U.S. Business Awaits Hard Choices in Doha Talks
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Tuesday, 5.20.08
U.S. Businesses Slam WTO Proposals