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Friday, 1.25.19
Global Business Community Urges Rapid Action on Ambitious WTO e-Commerce Framework
Monday, 11.6.17
International Trade Secrets Letter 2017 to USTR
Friday, 4.22.16
Value of an Environmental Goods Agreement: Helping China Meet Its Environmental Goals Study (English)
Friday, 4.22.16
Value of an Environmental Goods Agreement: Helping China Meet Its Environmental Goals Study (Chinese)
Friday, 4.15.16
Charting New Pathways at the WTO - Policy Brief
Thursday, 10.1.15
Encouraging Economic Growth in the Digital Age: A Policy Checklist for The Global Digital Economy
Tuesday, 8.4.15
Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs
Iain M. Cockburn, Jean O. Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman
Wednesday, 9.10.14
Indian Patients Suffer from India's Weak Pharmaceutical Patents
Friday, 6.21.13
NFTC Joins with Other Technology, Business Groups in Sending a Letter Expressing Concerns on Proposed Deter Cyber Theft Act
Thursday, 7.5.12
NFTC, SIIA Express Concern Over Proposed Changes to Chinaís Internet Information Service Management Rules
Tuesday, 12.6.11
Association Letter to The White House: Re: Efforts to Undermine Innovation at the UNFCCC
Thursday, 11.3.11
Promoting Cross‐Border Data Flows: Priorities for the Business Community
Monday, 1.24.11
A policy wish list from America's innovation leaders
Jake Colvin and John Stubbs
Thursday, 10.1.09
Global Innovation Forum - October 2009 Monthly Update
Tuesday, 1.13.09
Spurring Innovation to Lift the Economy
Center for American Progress
Thursday, 1.1.09
Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Manual
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Intellectual Property Center
Wednesday, 4.16.08
Illicit: The Dark Trade
National Geographic
Saturday, 2.2.08
Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Nations
International Intellectual Property Institute
Wednesday, 8.1.07
Economic Effects of Intellectual Property-Intensive Manufacturing in the United States
Dr. Robert J. Shapiro and Dr. Nam D. Pham
Tuesday, 3.1.05
Role of Intellectual Property in Innovation and New Product Development
World Intellectual Property Organization
Saturday, 1.1.05
Innovation: Applying Knowledge in Development
United Nations Millennium Project Task Force on Science, Technology and Innovation
Sunday, 2.1.04
Innovation: Life, Inspired
Thursday, 1.1.04
WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use
World Intellectual Property Organization
Tuesday, 7.1.03
Counterfeit Goods and the Publicís Health and Safety
Michele Forzley, JD, MPH