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Friday, 7.24.15
New Survey Reveals Business Visa Challenges for Global Employers
Tuesday, 7.21.15
Organizations Express Concern Proposed Cyber Export Regulations Could Harm, Not Improve, U.S. Cybersecurity
Monday, 7.20.15
NFTC Applauds WTO Negotiators for Significant Progress on ITA
Tuesday, 7.14.15
NFTC, USA*Engage Statement on P5+1 Nuclear Agreement
Monday, 7.13.15
NFTC Joins Letter on New MTB Process
Monday, 7.13.15
NFTC Blog Post: “Stabenow Voluntary COOL Proposal”
Tuesday, 6.30.15
NFTC & USA*Engage Statement on Reestablishment of Embassies in Cuba and the United States
Tuesday, 6.30.15
NFTC, SoFTEC and USCIB Express Concerns with BEPS
Thursday, 6.25.15
NFTC, SoFTEC and USCIB Express Concerns with BEPS in Letter to Secretary Lew
Wednesday, 6.24.15
NFTC Applauds Senate Passage of TPA, TAA & Preferences
Wednesday, 6.24.15
NFTC Sends Letter to Senate Agriculture Committee to Support Repeal of COOL Requirements
Wednesday, 6.24.15
NFTC Joins More Than 600 Organizations in Urging Support for Trade Preferences Programs
Wednesday, 6.24.15
NFTC Calls on Senate Ag Committee to Support Repeal of COOL Requirements
Tuesday, 6.23.15
NFTC, USKZBA Applaud Completion of WTO Accession Talks for Kazakhstan
Thursday, 6.18.15
NFTC Applauds House Action on Bipartisan TPA Legislation
Wednesday, 6.17.15
NFTC Urges Senate to Act on Legislation Reforming COOL Requirements
Friday, 6.12.15
NFTC Welcomes House Action on TPA, Preference Programs; Calls for Passage of Critical TAA Legislation
Thursday, 6.11.15
NFTC Letter to House Urging Renewal of Trade Adjustment Assistance
Thursday, 6.11.15
NFTC and USA*Engage Welcome Support for Cuba Trade Act
Thursday, 6.11.15
NFTC Stresses Importance of TAA
Wednesday, 6.10.15
NFTC Urges Support for H.R. 1314 - Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015
Wednesday, 6.10.15
NFTC Calls on House to Pass TPA-2015
Wednesday, 6.10.15
NFTC Applauds House Action to Repeal COOL Requirements; Calls on Senate to Follow
Thursday, 6.4.15
NFTC Urges Congressional Support to Repeal H.R. 2393 - Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
Friday, 5.22.15
NFTC Applauds Senate Passage of TPA Bill - Calls on House to Approve the Legislation