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Tuesday, 1.3.17
What Donald Trump Can Learn From the Legacy of Abraham Lincoln
Alan Wolff, NFTC Chairman
Monday, 12.12.16
US trade group will work with Trump; defend free trade rules
Saturday, 12.3.16
China risks undermining a unique economic and environmental pact
Jake Colvin
Friday, 1.8.16
POLITICO Pro Morning Trade
Victoria Guida
Friday, 1.8.16
Ryan's Tax Counsel Cites Limited Chances for Tax Reform in 2016
Tax Analysts, Amy S. Elliott and Kat Lucero
Thursday, 1.7.16
Multinationals fear more disputes from Paul's hold on tax treaties
POLITICO Pro Tax, Katy O'Donnell
Thursday, 1.7.16
Corporate Inversions ‘Very Good' Lawyers Can Finesse Inversions Absent Tax Revamp
Bloomberg BNA, Laura Davison
Thursday, 8.13.15
Why Free Trade Agreements Don’t Really Deliver Free Trade
Alan Wm. Wolff
Thursday, 7.16.15
What Obama’s Trade Agenda Means For The Rest Of The World
Fortune, by Alan Wolff
Monday, 6.29.15
5 reasons President Obama’s Asia-Pacific trade agenda is good for America
Monday, 6.22.15
What it takes to get Obama's trade agenda more love
Alan Wm. Wolff, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Monday, 6.15.15
4 Myths Clouding President Obama’s Trade Agenda
Alan Wm. Wolff, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Friday, 2.20.15
GOP Delays Iran Sanctions Vote For State Of The Union
Monday, 2.16.15
U.S. Eases Cuba Travel Restrictions
Today Show
Sunday, 2.15.15
U.S. Cracks Open Door For Some Cuban Imports
Tuesday, 2.10.15
Christie Vetoes ‘Buy America’ Bills
POLITICO Morning Trade
Monday, 2.2.15
Buy American’ Bill Awaits Christie Action
The Record
Wednesday, 1.21.15
Don’t Expect McDonalds And Walmart On The Streets Of Havana Anytime Soon
Public Radio International
Sunday, 1.18.15
Don’t Expect To Order That Starbucks Latte In Havana Just Yet
McClatchy Newspapers
Tuesday, 10.21.14
Exclusive: Mexico Seeks 1 Million Sugar Export Floor In Trade Dispute With U.S.
Thursday, 10.16.14
Apple, Amazon In E.U. Tax Crosshairs
Wednesday, 10.15.14
Axing Of Double Irish Tax Plan Greeted Calmly By Wall Street
Financial Times
Wednesday, 10.15.14
End Of Double Irish ‘Won’t Make U.S. Firms Leave
RTÉ News
Friday, 10.3.14
Trade Groups Mount Quiet Campaign To Weaken Senate Sanctions Bill On Russia
The Hill
Friday, 10.3.14
Associations Quietly Lobbying Against Russia Sanctions
POLITICO Influence