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Tuesday, 5.15.07
Uncertainty Despite FTA Deal
Latin Business Chronicle
Wednesday, 4.25.07
Bush Asks Congress to Boost U.S. Export Controls
Friday, 4.20.07
The Economic Consequences of Export Controls
Dr. Paul Freedenberg, American Machinist
Thursday, 4.19.07
Labor Laws Feared in Free-Trade Deals
Washington Times
Friday, 4.13.07
Baucus Seeks Bigger Safety Net for Workers
Steve Hirsch, Washington Times
Thursday, 4.5.07
Foreign Workers Sue U.S. Companies
Alan Gomez, USA Today
Thursday, 3.22.07
Visa Policy a Tragedy in the Making, Groups Say
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Monday, 3.19.07
Eastern Europe Emerges as Relocation Destination
Jeanine Poggi, Women’s Wear Daily
Friday, 3.9.07
Industry Coalition Calls for Streamlining Export Control Practices
Inside the Air Force
Friday, 3.9.07
Coalition Export Control Proposal Elicits Varied U.S. Responses
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Wednesday, 3.7.07
New Group To Lobby Bush For Export Control Changes
Defense Daily
Tuesday, 3.6.07
U.S. Security Conundrum Holds Lessons
Barrie McKenna, Globe and Mail
Tuesday, 2.27.07
Small-Business Group Hits Free-Trade Pacts
Washington Times
Thursday, 2.15.07
International Education and Business Groups Applaud Introduction of Legislation to Improve U.S. Competitiveness for International Trade
Friday, 2.9.07
Coalition of Diverse Groups Calls for a More Open U.S. Visa Policy
Burton Bollag, Chronicle of Higher Education
Wednesday, 2.7.07
Travel Execs: Make America More Inviting
Mary Ann McNulty, The Transnational
Wednesday, 2.7.07
Padilla Hopes To Quickly Move China Export Rule To Interagency Group
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Monday, 2.5.07
Shaping a Visa Policy in the National Interest
James Jay Carafano and Marlene M. Johnson, Washington Post
Monday, 1.22.07
U.S. Allies Lag in China Controls; High-tech Export Policies Weighted on Market, Not Military
Steve Hirsch, Washington Times
Monday, 1.15.07
World Business Groups Urge Push for WTO Deal
Saturday, 1.6.07
EU Urges U.S. to Seize Chance for Global Trade Deal
David Brunnstrom & William Schomberg, Reuters
Monday, 1.1.07
Regulatory Symbolism in the ‘China Catch-All’ Proposal
Dr. Paul Freedenberg, American Machinist
Wednesday, 12.20.06
Padilla Says Export Rule Will Move Forward, Doubts Cost Claims
Inside U.S.-China Trade [Subscription Only]
Thursday, 12.7.06
Business Groups Hit New Us Export Controls for China
Pacific Shipper
Wednesday, 12.6.06
Industry Will Push OMB to Reexamine China Export Control Rule
Inside U.S.-China Trade [Subscription Only]