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Tuesday, 3.8.05
NFTC Sets Trade and Investment Agenda
Tuesday, 1.25.05
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Congratulates Moroccan
Friday, 1.14.05
U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement Will Create Economic Opportunity
Monday, 11.15.04
U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Coalition Endorses Launch of Free Trade Agreement Negotiations with Oman and UAE
Thursday, 10.7.04
Business Groups Launch Push for U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Area
Wednesday, 9.29.04
NFTC Urges Rejection of NDAA Export Control Provisions
Tuesday, 9.14.04
U.S.-Bahrain FTA Coalition Applauds Signing of U.S.-Bahrain FTA
Tuesday, 7.20.04
Passage of U.S.-Morocco FTA in House & Senate Committees Should Spur Agreement Completion Before August Recess, Business Coalition Says
Thursday, 7.15.04
U.S.-Morocco FTA Coalition Praises Congress For Strong Approval in Mock Mark Up; Urges Completion Before August Recess
Thursday, 6.24.04
New Survey Reports Major Changes in Employee Relocation Trends Over Last Year
Wednesday, 6.2.04
Visa Backlog Costs U.S. Exporters More than $30 Billion Since 2002, New Study Finds
Wednesday, 3.3.04
U.S.-Bahrain FTA Coalition Lauds Formation of Congressional Bahrain Caucus
Tuesday, 3.2.04
U.S.-Morocco FTA Coalition Applauds Completion of U.S.-Morocco FTA
Friday, 2.27.04
Statement Of The National Foreign Trade Council Board Of Directors On Offshore Outsourcing
Monday, 2.9.04
U.S.-Bahrain FTA Coalition Welcomes Crown Prince of Bahrain to U.S., Praises Work on U.S.-Bahrain FTA
Wednesday, 11.5.03
Testimony of Bill Reinsch, President, NFTC, Before the U.S. Trade Policy Staff Committee on a U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement
Tuesday, 7.22.03
U.S.-Morocco FTA Coalition Lauds Formation of Congressional Morocco Caucus
Thursday, 7.10.03
Business Groups Call on President to Repair Current Visa Processing System
Wednesday, 6.4.03
NFTC Calls for Reform of Post 9-11 Visa Review Process
Tuesday, 5.20.03
U.S.-Morocco FTA Coalition Reaffirms Commitment to Trade Pact in Wake of Terrorist Attacks
Monday, 5.12.03
NFTC Endorses Proposed U.S.-Middle East Free Trade Area
Tuesday, 2.18.03
Letter to Ambassador Zoellick on U.S.-Morocco FTA
Thursday, 11.21.02
U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement Would Benefit U.S. Economic Interests