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Wednesday, 6.11.08
Business Lobbies for Program to Help Workers Hurt by Trade
Mark Schoeff, Jr., Workforce Management
Wednesday, 6.11.08
Draft Rule Allowing License-Free Exports To Affiliates Set to Be Enacted by Year-End
Gary Yerkey, BNA [Subscription Only]
Tuesday, 6.10.08
Supplemental, Energy, Taxes, Medicare Shape Floor Debates For A Busy Week
Congress Daily A.M. [National Journal - Subscription Only]
Wednesday, 5.28.08
NFTC President Presses for Reform of U.S. Export Controls
Meena Thiruvengadam, Dow Jones
Monday, 5.26.08
Export Controls: Bush Directives Aim to Make it Easier and Faster to Get an Export License
William Armbruster, Pacific Shipper
Friday, 5.23.08
NAMA Text Opens Door For Fewer Developing Country Concessions
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Tuesday, 5.20.08
U.S. Business Awaits Hard Choices in Doha Talks
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Tuesday, 5.20.08
U.S. Businesses Slam WTO Proposals
Thursday, 5.15.08
U.S House Votes to Keep Farm Subsidies
James Politi, Financial Times
Monday, 5.12.08
William Armbruster, Journal of Commerce
Thursday, 5.8.08
Foreign Trade Council Pushes FTA And TAA
Peter Cohn, Congress Daily A.M. [National Journal - Subscription Only]
Friday, 4.25.08
Dodd Said To Be Weighing Bill Targeting UAE For Transshipments To Iran
Inside U.S. Trade
Friday, 4.25.08
U.S. Export Rules Aging Badly
Joshua Zumbrun, Forbes
Friday, 4.25.08
U.S. Business Representatives Say Doha Deal Unlikely This Year
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Tuesday, 4.22.08
Colombia Not Giving Up on Trade Deal
Kevin Bogardus, The Hill
Monday, 4.21.08
The Politics of U.S. Trade Relations
NFTC President Bill Reinsch, Latin Business Chronicle
Wednesday, 4.16.08
U.S. Lobbyists Hopeful for Doha Deal Despite Colombia
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Wednesday, 4.16.08
U.S. Trade Lobby says Doha Faces Better Prospects in Congress than Colombia Free Trade Deal
Associated Press
Wednesday, 4.16.08
American Industry Groups To Press Hill For WTO Deal
William New, Congress Daily PM [Subscription Only]
Monday, 4.14.08
A Win for Reforms; Old College Try
Kate Ackley and Tory Newmeyer, Roll Call [Subscription Only]
Tuesday, 4.8.08
Colombia Trade Pact to Land Amid Hostile Congress
David Lynch, USA Today
Monday, 4.7.08
U.S. Business Supports Colombia FTA
Latin Business Chronicle
Tuesday, 4.1.08
The Rapidly Changing Face of International Mobility
European Professional Women's Network
Friday, 3.21.08
Does Tax Code Send U.S. Jobs Offshore?
David J. Lynch, USA Today
Wednesday, 3.12.08
White House Eyes New Trade War
Victoria McGrane and Patrick O’Connor, Politico