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Wednesday, 12.31.08
U.S. Trade Officials Say Trade Pact With Oman Will Aid Exports
Jeff Bater, Dow Jones
Tuesday, 12.30.08
U.S., Oman Free Trade Pact to be Effective Jan 1
Agence France Presse
Tuesday, 12.30.08
Formerly Soaring Global Trade Suddenly Comes to a Halt
David J. Lynch, USA Today
Friday, 12.19.08
Statement of U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab Regarding Entry into Force of the U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement
U.S. Trade Representative
Thursday, 12.18.08
Obama to Pick Ron Kirk as Trade Chief: Source
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Thursday, 12.18.08
Former Dallas Mayor Top Contender for Trade Representative
Joseph Schatz, CQ
Monday, 12.15.08
Value-Added Taxes
William Armbruster, Shipping Digest
Friday, 12.12.08
Business Organization says Optimistic on FTA with Colombia
Cesar Munoz, EFE America
Saturday, 12.6.08
Drawing a Fine Line on Trade
Joseph Schatz, CQ Weekly
Friday, 11.28.08
Trade Deals Will Face More Critics in Congress
Brad Haynes, Wall Street Journal
Sunday, 11.23.08
It's Not All Fun to Be a Memsahib
Lakshmi Kumaraswami, The Times of India
Saturday, 11.22.08
The New Power Landscape
National Journal
Saturday, 11.22.08
North Korea's Removal From Terrorism List Seen Having Only Marginal Impact
Gary Yerkey, BNA
Tuesday, 11.18.08
G20 Commitments on Trade Seen as Toothless, Important
Heather Scott, Market News International
Friday, 11.14.08
Global Cos Fear Tax Hike on Foreign Profits - Trade Group
Martin Vaughan, Dow Jones
Monday, 11.3.08
Cuba Embargo Slips as South Florida's Top Priority
NFTC Vice President for Global Trade Issues Jake Colvin Washington Times
Tuesday, 10.7.08
Colombian Ambassador Maintains Steady Course
Kevin Bogardus, The Hill
Friday, 10.3.08
Senate Passes Differentiated ATPDEA Extension, House Likely To Follow
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]
Thursday, 10.2.08
U.S. Trade Deals Could Languish Another Year
Doug Palmer, Reuters
Friday, 9.26.08
U.S. Proposes Suspending Trade Benefits For Bolivia
Tom Barkey, Dow Jones
Saturday, 9.20.08
Uribe Asks Hill to OK Trade Pact
Kelly Hearn, Washington Times
Wednesday, 9.17.08
Businesses Fear Canada-Colombia Deal Could Cost Them
Meena Thiruvengadam, Dow Jones
Monday, 8.25.08
NAFTA Faces Scrutiny Under Obama
Jay Heflin, Roll Call
Friday, 8.22.08
Universities Press Commerce For Limited Deemed Export Controls
Inside U.S. Trade
Friday, 8.8.08
Senate GOP Trade Counsel Sees No Miscellaneous Tariff Bill This Year
Inside U.S. Trade [Subscription Only]