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Friday, 5.31.19
NFTC President on China Trade Retaliation, Mexico Tariff
Bloomberg TV | Daybreak Americas
Thursday, 5.30.19
Trump Threatens Tariffs on Mexican Imports in Response to Migrant Surge
Wall Street Journal
Thursday, 5.30.19
Trump to Impose Tariff of Up to 25% on Mexico Over Migrant Surge
Thursday, 5.30.19
Trumpís threat to hit Mexico with tariffs could upend his trade deal and undermine the economy
Washington Post
Thursday, 5.30.19
Trump Says U.S. Will Hit Mexico With 5% Tariffs on All Goods
New York Times
Thursday, 5.30.19
USMCA could be casualty of Trump-Pelosi feud
Washington Post
Wednesday, 5.1.19
Yerxa on trade
CNBC Worldwide Exchange
Tuesday, 4.30.19
Steel, Aluminum Tariffs Are 'Losing Proposition' for Trump Administration, Says NFTC President
Bloomberg TV - Balance of Power
Wednesday, 4.10.19
NFTC president denounces reassignment of CBP personnel
Inside U.S. Trade
Monday, 4.8.19
Rufus Yerxa on the USMCA
Monday, 4.1.19
China Purchases Could Undercut Trumpís Larger Trade Goal
New York Times
Sunday, 3.31.19
Trump White House presses threat to close U.S.-Mexico border this week
Washington Post
Thursday, 3.28.19
US and China resume their dance in latest trade talks
Financial Times
Wednesday, 3.27.19
As Trump and Xi chew over a trade deal, China buys 300 Airbus planes
NBC News
Monday, 3.25.19
NFTC president: Steel and aluminum tariffs biggest concern for member companies
Inside US Trade
Wednesday, 3.6.19
US trade deficit hits record high under Trump
FOX Business
Friday, 2.15.19
Soybeans Upstage Technology Issues in Trade Talks
Wednesday, 2.6.19
Reciprocal Trade Act Is 'Spectacularly Bad Idea,' NFTC President Says
Bloomberg Balance of Power
Monday, 2.4.19
Business Groups Line Up Behind Limits to Trump's Tariff Powers
Wednesday, 7.11.18
NFTC Sees U.S. Businesses Caught in the Middle of Tariff Dispute
Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas
Monday, 7.9.18
Rufus Yerxa talks about likely consequences of a trade war
Friday, 7.6.18
U.S. levies tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports
Washington Post
Friday, 7.6.18
U.S., China Dig In for Long Trade War as Tariffs Take Effect
Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, 7.3.18
Trump goes to war with corporate America
Monday, 7.2.18
NFTC President Rufus Yerxa Discusses Auto Tariffs on Fox Business
FOX Buiness