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Thursday, 10.18.07
Remarks to the International Business Forum of the World Trade Club Detroit/Windsor
Wednesday, 10.17.07
USA*Engage and NFTC Express Concern Over Committee Approval of Sudan Divestment Bill
Monday, 10.15.07
NFTC Supports US-Peru FTA
Thursday, 10.11.07
National Foreign Trade Council Statement on Washington Legal Foundation Section 211 Legal Paper
Wednesday, 10.10.07
NFTC Expresses Strong Disappointment with NAMA 11 Paper
Wednesday, 10.3.07
Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Honored with NFTC World Trade Award
Wednesday, 10.3.07
Testimony of William A. Reinsch: Sudan Divestment Issues: The Darfur Accountability and Divestment Act
Wednesday, 10.3.07
House Majority Leader Hoyer Outlines “New Deal” on Trade
Tuesday, 9.25.07
Association and Company Letter to Congress on China
Tuesday, 9.25.07
NFTC Hails Committee Markups of U.S.-Peru Trade Agreement as Important Steps Toward Approval
Tuesday, 9.11.07
NFTC Commends Senate Finance Committee for Action on U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
Tuesday, 9.11.07
NFTC Letter to UK on Tax Reform
Monday, 9.10.07
NFTC Welcomes New Senior Vice President Catherine Bennett
Wednesday, 9.5.07
NFTC Applauds Senate Finance Committee for Scheduling Hearing on U.S.-Peru Trade Agreement
Wednesday, 9.5.07
USA*Engage Welcomes New Co-Chairman Del Renigar
Wednesday, 9.5.07
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to Keynote NFTC’s 93rd Annual World Trade Dinner
Thursday, 8.16.07
NFTC Comments on Transfer of Functions Regulations
Friday, 8.3.07
USA*Engage and NFTC Express Support for Biden-Lugar Sudan Resolution
Friday, 8.3.07
New Report Underscores Ineffectiveness of Unilateral Sanctions with Extraterritorial Reach
Thursday, 8.2.07
NFTC and Development Finance International Urge Congress to Recognize Need for World Bank Reform
Thursday, 8.2.07
Reforming Key International Finance Institutions for the 21st Century, Testimony of Diane Wilkens
Tuesday, 7.31.07
USA*Engage and NFTC Express Concern Over Approval of Sanctions and Divestment Bills in the House
Wednesday, 7.25.07
NFTC Opposes Anti-Tax Treaty Legislation
Wednesday, 7.18.07
Statement by NFTC President Bill Reinsch on the Introduction of S. 1806 to Repeal Section 211
Tuesday, 7.17.07
Testimony of NFTC President on the Ratification of Income Tax Treaties and a Protocol