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Monday, 6.28.10
Baucus Announces Grand Bargain To Clear Three Pending Trade Deals
The Hill
Thursday, 6.24.10
Iran Gasoline, Banking Sanctions Win Passage in U.S. Senate
Thursday, 6.24.10
Senate OKs New Penalties Against Iran
Associated Press
Thursday, 6.24.10
U.S. Congress Approves Strong Unilateral Sanctions on Iran
Inter Press Service
Wednesday, 6.16.10
No Limitations for U.S. Firms to Invest in Iran: Official
Tehran Times
Thursday, 6.10.10
National Foreign Trade Council’s Reinsch Interview
Bloomberg Television
Wednesday, 6.9.10
Obama: Sanctions Send ‘an Unmistakable Message’ to Iran
The Hill
Sunday, 6.6.10
Long Beach Travel Agency Hopes Congress Makes Cuba Access Easier
The Long Beach Press-Telegram
Tuesday, 6.1.10
Trade with China Divides U.S. Business
Monday, 5.31.10
Conference Delay Helps Business Lobby Against Iran
The Hill
Friday, 5.28.10
China Eyes Export Trade-Off
Radio Free Asia
Wednesday, 5.26.10
Oil for U.S. and Cuba’s Troubled Waters
Monday, 5.24.10
Pence Blasts Extender Bill as Reid Seeks Bipartisan Support for It
The Hill
Monday, 5.24.10
Obama Administration Offers Strong Support for Tax and Jobless Bill
Tuesday, 5.18.10
Business to Eye Iran Sanctions Deal Closely
Thursday, 5.6.10
K Street Capers
Forbes, Brian Wingfield
Friday, 4.23.10
Key Part Of Export Overhaul Faces Hurdles
Investor’s Business Daily, by Reinhardt Krause
Thursday, 4.22.10
US Losing Jobs As Free Trade Agreement Languishes, Colombia Says
Christian Science Monitor, by Howard LaFranchi
Wednesday, 4.21.10
Uribe Pushes for U.S. Trade Vote Before Leaving Office
Thomson Reuters, by Doug Palmer
Wednesday, 4.21.10
U.S. Losing Out As Congress Dallies on FTA's
Forbes, by Brian Wingfield
Thursday, 4.15.10
House Committee On Ways and Means Holds Hearings On Energy Tax Incentives
North American Wind Power
Tuesday, 4.13.10
Business Groups Press To Remove Cuba Travel Ban
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, by William Gibson
Thursday, 3.25.10
Heartland Hurt Has Many Asking: Is China Worth It?
McClatchy Newspapers, by Kevin Hall
Tuesday, 3.23.10
China Flexes Muscles with Nationalist Trade Policies
Dallas Morning News, by Jim Landers
Tuesday, 3.23.10
NFTC International HR Conference Report-Part 1
International HR Forum, Warren Heaps – Birches Group LLC