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Tuesday, 6.9.09
Notes on Ellen Tauscher Confirmation Hearing
Thursday, 5.21.09
NFTC Commends Senate Finance Committee for Holding Hearing on U.S.-Panama FTA
Thursday, 5.21.09
NFTC, USA*Engage Endorse Baucus Bill Aimed at Reforming U.S. Cuba Policy
Wednesday, 5.20.09
Major Industry Associations Urge Immediate Senate Action on the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill
Tuesday, 5.19.09
NFTC Welcomes USTR Signals on Trans-Pacific Partnership
Monday, 5.18.09
NFTC Welcomes Administration’s Plans for Action on U.S. Trade Agenda
Monday, 5.11.09
NFTC Statement on International Tax Provisions Included in Administration’s Greenbook
Thursday, 5.7.09
USA*Engage and NFTC Urge Congress to Rethink Unilateral Iran Sanctions Legislation
Monday, 5.4.09
NFTC Statement on Administration’s International Tax Proposals
Monday, 5.4.09
PACE Coalition Seeks to Preserve a Level Playing Field for U.S. Companies Competing Abroad
Friday, 5.1.09
NFTC, USA*Engage Join Other Key Groups in Expressing Concern Over New Iran Sanctions Legislation
Friday, 5.1.09
NFTC Statement on Swine Flu and Trade with Mexico
Wednesday, 4.22.09
NFTC Calls for Reform of U.S. Trade Preferences for Developing Countries
Monday, 4.20.09
NFTC Welcomes Continued Dialogue on U.S.-Colombia FTA
Wednesday, 4.15.09
NFTC Letter to USTR in support of the TPP
Monday, 4.13.09
NFTC, USA*Engage Applaud New Direction in U.S. Cuba Policy
Friday, 4.10.09
Global Innovation Forum Unveils Brain Trust
Wednesday, 4.8.09
NFTC Urges President Obama to Work With Congress to Resolve Mexican Trucking Dispute
Wednesday, 4.8.09
NFTC’s Global Innovation Forum & Howard University’s ELI Institute Host
Thursday, 4.2.09
NFTC Commends Senate Majority Leader for Statement in Support of G-20 Communiqué
Monday, 3.30.09
NFTC Urges President Obama to Express U.S. Commitment to Trade and Investment at G20 Summit
Monday, 3.30.09
NFTC, USA*Engage Endorse Legislation to Permit Travel to Cuba
Monday, 3.23.09
Joint Business Letter to President Obama on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Friday, 3.20.09
U.S. Business Community and NGO Leaders Unite to Urge the President and Congress to Take Action on Trade & Investment Agenda
Tuesday, 3.17.09
NFTC Urges Congress to Abide by NAFTA Commitments and Restore U.S.-Mexico Cross Border Trucking