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Thursday, 3.11.10
U.S.ís Green Trade Ambitions Neednít Wait on Doha Round
The Hill, by Jake Colvin
Saturday, 3.6.10
U.S. Enriches Companies Defying Its Policy on Iran
New York Times, by Jo Becker and Ron Nixon
Thursday, 3.4.10
Bacardiís Fight to Retain Havana Club Name Resurfaces in Congress
Miami Herald, by Lesley Clark
Wednesday, 3.3.10
Iran Sanctions Could Hit Major Oil Firms
Tehran Times
Wednesday, 3.3.10
K. St.: Speaker Pelosi Really Holds Reins of Power on Ways and Means Committee
The Hill, by Jay Heflin and Kevin Bogardus
Monday, 3.1.10
China Seeks Internet Control
Radio Free Asia, by Michael Lelyveld
Sunday, 2.28.10
US-Iran: Looming Sanctions Could Hit Major Oil Firms
Inter Press Service News, by Sananda Sahoo
Tuesday, 2.16.10
US Needs to Fill in Blanks on Trade Deals
Financial Times, by Alan Beattie
Wednesday, 2.10.10
Mixed Messages from the White House Amid New Focus on Trade
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
Wednesday, 2.10.10
Timing Uncertain for Next Steps by Congress on Iran Sanctions
Voice of America, Dan Robinson
Friday, 2.5.10
U.S. Sees China Moving on Currency Despite Rhetoric
Thomson Reuters
Thursday, 2.4.10
Obamaís Export Goals: Will China Trade Be A Sticking Point?
Christian Science Monitor, Howard LaFranchi
Monday, 2.1.10
Embracing Trade, Obama Tries To Maintain Political Balance
Wall Street Journal, by Tom Barkley
Saturday, 1.30.10
Obama Export Goals May Be Hard to Achieve, Say Analysts
Agence France Presse, by Hugues Honore
Friday, 1.29.10
Google Hopes China Changes Politics
The Hill, by Ian Swanson
Friday, 1.29.10
U.S.: Obama Losing Control of Iran Policy
Inter Press Service, by Ali Gharib
Thursday, 1.28.10
President Presses for Exports to Create Jobs
Journal of Commerce, by R.G. Edmonson
Thursday, 1.28.10
Business Urges Swift Trade Action After Obama Speech
Thomson Reuters, by Doug Palmer
Wednesday, 1.27.10
Billionaires Make More from Ideas Than Bubbles: William Pesek
Bloomberg, by William Pesek
Tuesday, 1.26.10
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Groups, Write NSC, Oppose Iran Sanctions Bill
Politico, by Laura Rozen
Tuesday, 1.26.10
Business Urges Obama Resist Iran Sanctions Bill
Thomson Reuters, by Doug Palmer and Susan Cornwell
Tuesday, 1.26.10
U.S. Trade Deals Falter as Unemployment, Democrats Mute Obama
Bloomberg, by Mark Drajem
Thursday, 1.21.10
Reinsch Says Google Case May Send New Investors to India: Video
Bloomberg TV
Monday, 1.18.10
This Week
Journal of Commerce
Friday, 1.1.10
Distant Dilemmas
Human Resource Executive Online, Mark McGraw