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Monday, 9.27.10
House Bill to Punish China Over Currency is More Symbol Than Solution
McClatchy Newspapers (Appeared in Miami Herald) By Kevin G. Hall and David Lightman
Thursday, 9.16.10
U.S. Goes After China At WTO As Pressure Mounts From Congress
Bloomberg Businessweek, Mark Drajem and Peter Eichenbaum
Wednesday, 9.15.10
Leading U.S. Business Groups Strongly Against Chinese Currency Bill
Monday, 9.13.10
Import Ban Bill Has Manufacturers Worried
The Hill
Thursday, 9.2.10
Despite Embargo, Cuba a Haven for Pirated U.S. Goods
Monday, 8.30.10
Obama Will Revamp U.S. Export Controls by Narrowing Military Restrictions
Sunday, 8.29.10
Changes Weighed in Military Exports
Wall Street Journal
Sunday, 8.29.10
Obama Moving to Decontrol U.S. Defense Goods Exports
Monday, 8.23.10
Will the White House Fight to End the Cuba Travel Ban?
Friday, 8.20.10
Pack Your Bags for Cuba? Maybe Soon, If You Have a Good Reason
Huffington Post, By Jake Colvin
Tuesday, 8.17.10
U.S. Plans to Ease Travel to Cuba - Lawmaker’s Aide
Reuters By Susan Cornwell
Tuesday, 8.17.10
Cuba Travel Ban: White House Poised to Ease Restrictions
Christian Science Monitor By Howard LaFranchi
Monday, 8.16.10
Trade Expert: Inaction on Mexico is Costing Jobs
The Hill, Jay Heflin
Monday, 8.16.10
Mexico Expands Retaliatory Tariffs in Trucks Dispute
The Journal of Commerce, William B. Cassidy
Sunday, 8.15.10
Our Views: End The Embargo
Florida Today
Thursday, 8.12.10
US Groups Urge Obama to Further Loosen Cuba Embargo
Monday, 8.9.10
Letter to the President Urging the Removal of Remaining Bush-enacted Travel Restrictions to Cuba
Friday, 7.30.10
Leading U.S. Business Groups Urge House to Remove $12 Billion Tax Hike on U.S. Employers from Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2010
Tuesday, 7.27.10
U.S. Business Wants China Currency Bill Dropped From Package
Saturday, 7.24.10
Havana Dreaming
Friday, 7.16.10
U.S. Congress May Pass Cuba Travel Bill This Year, Dorgan Says
Bloomberg Businessweek
Thursday, 7.15.10
South Korea Bulks Up on K Street as Obama Presses Trade Deal
The Hill
Tuesday, 7.6.10
Analysis: Diplomacy Dictates No Label for China on Currency
Tuesday, 7.6.10
Legislation Would Smooth Way for US Ag Sales to Cuba
AG Week
Monday, 7.5.10
Harsh New US Penalties Against Iran
Axis of Logic