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Thursday, 11.11.21
Whither the Presidentís Export Council? The administration wonít say
Inside U.S. Trade
Friday, 11.5.21
Aluminum Tariff Deal May Ultimately Wreak Havoc for Consumers
Mining Feeds
Wednesday, 11.3.21
European Steel Plan Shows Bidenís Bid to Merge Climate and Trade Policy
New York Times
Saturday, 10.30.21
U.S., EU Strike Deal to Remove Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum
Saturday, 10.30.21
Trump-era tensions set to cool under U.S.-EU deal
Monday, 10.25.21
Brady, Crapo rip Biden administration for digital tax deal
Inside U.S. Trade
Tuesday, 10.19.21
More than 25 business groups back Section 232 reform legislation
Inside U.S. Trade
Thursday, 10.14.21
U.S. Renews Its Support for Trade Group It Once Made a Punching Bag
New York Times
Monday, 10.11.21
Biden administration squeaks open door to tariff exemptions
Tuesday, 10.5.21
US to have 'frank conversations' with China on trade
Tuesday, 10.5.21
New U.S. China trade plan leaves industry hungry for specifics
Tuesday, 10.5.21
Tai seen as keeping options open as she pins hopes for progress on renewed talks with China
Inside U.S. Trade
Monday, 10.4.21
Biden administration keeps tariffs as Tai lays out China trade strategy
Roll Call
Friday, 9.17.21
Leaving NFTC, Yerxa eyes the future of trade, fundamentally
Inside U.S. Trade
Monday, 9.6.21
Why Trumpís steel tariffs are now Bidenís political headache
Wednesday, 9.1.21
Corporate America fights uphill battle against anti-China push
Wednesday, 8.25.21
'Strategic Patience' Turns to Exasperation at Lagging US-China Trade Talks
Thursday, 7.29.21
Raimondo: U.S. will not ďsimplyĒ get rid of Section 232 tariffs on EU
Inside U.S. Trade
Wednesday, 7.7.21
U.S. Worker-Aid Plan Is Casualty as Trade Deal Fast-Track Ends
Wednesday, 6.9.21
U.S. industry groups to Biden: Lift all Section 232 tariffs on steel
Inside US Trade
Thursday, 6.3.21
NFTC taps CBP lawyer, former Treasury counsel for supply chain, tax roles
Tuesday, 5.11.21
NFTC announces search for new president
Tuesday, 4.13.21
EU retaliation may prod Biden to revise 232
Wednesday, 4.7.21
Rufus Yerxa to step down as NFTC president in September
Wednesday, 3.24.21
U.S. Steelmakers, Industry Users Tussle Over Future of Tariffs