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Monday, 9.6.21
Why Trumpís steel tariffs are now Bidenís political headache
Wednesday, 9.1.21
Corporate America fights uphill battle against anti-China push
Wednesday, 8.25.21
'Strategic Patience' Turns to Exasperation at Lagging US-China Trade Talks
Thursday, 7.29.21
Raimondo: U.S. will not ďsimplyĒ get rid of Section 232 tariffs on EU
Inside U.S. Trade
Wednesday, 7.7.21
U.S. Worker-Aid Plan Is Casualty as Trade Deal Fast-Track Ends
Wednesday, 6.9.21
U.S. industry groups to Biden: Lift all Section 232 tariffs on steel
Inside US Trade
Thursday, 6.3.21
NFTC taps CBP lawyer, former Treasury counsel for supply chain, tax roles
Tuesday, 5.11.21
NFTC announces search for new president
Tuesday, 4.13.21
EU retaliation may prod Biden to revise 232
Wednesday, 4.7.21
Rufus Yerxa to step down as NFTC president in September
Wednesday, 3.24.21
U.S. Steelmakers, Industry Users Tussle Over Future of Tariffs
Wednesday, 3.17.21
Bidenís China Policy? A Balancing Act for a Toxic Relationship
Tuesday, 3.2.21
Bidenís trade policy will prioritize workersí rights
Tuesday, 3.2.21
Rhode Island Gov. Raimondo is confirmed as commerce secretary
Tuesday, 12.10.19
USMCA could go through by the end of December, strategist says
CNBC | Squawk Box
Tuesday, 12.10.19
Trump secures revised trade deal with Mexico and Canada, as Democrats hail changes
Washington Post
Tuesday, 12.10.19
Donald Trump says Ďa lot of stridesí made on USMCA deal
Financial Times
Tuesday, 12.10.19
Trump Aides and Democrats Agree on Trade Pact With Mexico and Canada
New York Times
Tuesday, 12.3.19
NFTC Honors Stephanie Murphy for Work on International Trade Issues
Florida Daily
Tuesday, 11.19.19
Stalled U.S.-China Trade Talks Raise Threat of Another Impasse
Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, 11.19.19
Stalled U.S.-China Trade Talks Raise Threat of Another Impasse
Wall Street Journal
Friday, 11.15.19
Trumpís trade war general faces moment of truth
Washington Post
Tuesday, 11.12.19
National Foreign Trade Council Not Expecting 'Phase One' Deal Soon
Bloomberg TV
Tuesday, 11.12.19
Trump denies his trade policies are hurting economy
Friday, 5.31.19
NFTC President Says Mexico Tariffs Are Destabilizing and Dangerous
Bloomberg TV | Balance of Power