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Wednesday, 3.9.11
NFTC Says the Time is Now for Action on All Components of the U.S. Trade Agenda
Thursday, 3.3.11
NFTC Welcomes Resolution of U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Trucking Dispute
Tuesday, 3.1.11
NFTC Welcomes New Chairman Ambassador Alan Wolff
Monday, 2.14.11
NFTC Says Presidentís Budget Proposals Amount to a Tax Hike for Worldwide U.S. Companies
Saturday, 2.12.11
NFTC Expresses Disappointment Over Congress Allowing Critical Trade Preference and Assistance Programs to Expire
Wednesday, 2.9.11
NFTC President Calls Ways and Means Hearing an Important Step Toward Advancing the U.S. Trade Agenda
Tuesday, 2.8.11
NFTC Welcomes Senate Foreign Relations Committee Report on Consequences of Failing to Ratify Colombia and Panama FTAs
Tuesday, 2.8.11
NFTC Urges Congress to Take Immediate Action to Extend Critical Trade Preference Programs Facing Expiration on February 12th
Friday, 1.28.11
NFTC Welcomes Secretary Clintonís Remarks on Submitting Colombia FTA to Congress This Year
Wednesday, 1.26.11
NFTC Welcomes Presidentís Commitment to Advancing the U.S. Trade Agenda, Innovation Policies and Tax Reform
Tuesday, 1.25.11
NFTC President Says Two Senate Bills Introduced Today Signal Room for Bipartisan Cooperation on Trade-Related Issues
Friday, 1.14.11
NFTC Commends President Obama for Taking Long-Awaited Steps to Expand U.S. Travel to Cuba
Thursday, 1.6.11
NFTC Welcomes Administrationís Engagement with Mexican Government on Cross-Border Trucking
Wednesday, 12.15.10
NFTC, US-Colombia Business Partnership Press for Renewal of Andean Trade Preferences
Tuesday, 12.14.10
NFTC Urges Congress to Extend TAA, Trade Preferences Before Adjournment
Wednesday, 12.8.10
WEF Working Group Releases White Paper on Intersection of Climate Change and Trade Policies
Friday, 12.3.10
NFTC Welcomes Conclusion of KORUS FTA Negotiations
Monday, 11.29.10
NFTC and Other Leading U.S. Business Groups Urge Congress to Extend TAA Program
Monday, 11.15.10
As Lame Duck Begins, Leading Business Groups Urge Congressional Leaders to Oppose International Tax Hikes Before Yearís End
Sunday, 11.14.10
NFTC Welcomes Vietnam and Malaysiaís Participation in TPP Negotiations
Thursday, 11.11.10
Global Innovation Forum Detroit Conference Generates New Ideas for Spurring Export Growth and Job Creation Through Innovation Policy
Thursday, 11.11.10
NFTC Welcomes Upcoming Continued Discussions to Resolve Key Issues in KORUS FTA Negotiations
Wednesday, 11.10.10
NFTC Joins Other Leading U.S. Business Groups in Urging Congress to Approve GSP Extensions
Tuesday, 11.2.10
Business Community Leaders Find Hints of Momentum Building in Geneva to Conclude Global Trade Talks
Monday, 10.25.10
NFTC Leads Business Delegation to Geneva to Rally Global Trade Talks