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Wednesday, 9.28.11
Drivers In Cuba Turn Genius To Ensure Classic Detroit Cars Still Run
Detroit Free Press
Tuesday, 9.27.11
Tax Wars: The Accidental Billion-Dollar Break
Financial Times
Thursday, 9.22.11
Senate Poised to Vote on Trade Aid That May Advance Agreements
Bloomberg, By Eric Martin
Wednesday, 9.21.11
Business Groups Express Opposition to China Currency Legislation"
The Hill,By Vicki Needham
Tuesday, 9.20.11
Ruffled Feathers: U.S. Escalates Fight Over China' Poultry Penalties
By Kevin Hall
Tuesday, 9.13.11
Senate leader vows push on China currency bill
Reuters - By Andy Sullivan and Paul Eckert
Tuesday, 9.13.11
Rep Brady optimistic US to OK trade deals very soon
Reuters - By Doug Palmer
Tuesday, 9.13.11
Momentum builds for U.S. action on trade deals
Reuters - By Doug Palmer
Tuesday, 9.13.11
US Rep Brady Urges Senate To Pass Trade Bill Without Amendments
Dow Jones - By Tom Barkley
Thursday, 9.8.11
House Vote On Tariff Preferences May Help Advance Trade Accords
Wednesday, 9.7.11
China-Bashing Hits ’12 Race
The Hill
Friday, 8.5.11
Pressing For FTAs Approval After Hill Recess
American Shipper
Thursday, 8.4.11
House Democrats Wary of 'Path' to Trade Deals
Reuters, By Doug Palmer
Tuesday, 8.2.11
FTA Delay Costing Farmers Money, Market Share
Southeast Farm Press [Also appeared in American Ag Radio Network and Corn & Soybean Digest]
Monday, 8.1.11
U.S. Business Hopes Debt Deal Clears Way For Trade
Reuters, By Doug Palmer
Friday, 7.29.11
Agriculture Groups Urge Free Trade Approval
Journal of Commerce
Friday, 7.29.11
The Market For U.S. Cleantech Is Out There
The Energy Collective
Thursday, 7.14.11
Australia Seeks Creativity In Stalled Doha Talks
Wednesday, 7.6.11
Landmark US-Mexico trucking agreement resolves 15-year conflict
Christian Science Monitor, By Howard LaFranchi
Thursday, 6.30.11
White House Push For Worker Aid May Stymie Free Trade Deals
Market News International
Thursday, 6.30.11
Republicans Boycott of Free-Trade Accords Derails Obama Push for Swift Vote
Friday, 6.24.11
U.S. Groups Urge Congress Reject China Currency Bill
Wednesday, 6.22.11
Taking yes for an answer on “zeroing
The Hill's Congress blog: Bill Reinsch
Wednesday, 6.22.11
NFTC President Bill Reinsch Provides Insight on “Zeroing”
Thursday, 6.9.11
Groups Urge USTR To Reject Proposal Restricting International Standards Choice
Product Finishing Magazine