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Friday, 10.21.11
Obama Signs 3 Trade Deals, Biggest Since NAFTA
Associated Press
Monday, 10.17.11
Sugar Policy Bitter For Consumers, Manufacturers
Sunday, 10.16.11
Obama Iced Tea Toast Marks Republican-Backed Trade Deal Win
Bloomberg Businessweek
Thursday, 10.13.11
Reid, Daley Eye Oct. 12 Trade Deal Votes; House Rules, Senate Finance Acts Pave Way
Washington Times
Thursday, 10.13.11
Business Leaders Applaud FTA Passage
Latin Business Chronicle, By LBC Staff
Thursday, 10.13.11
Analysis: Boehner Stands Firm Against China Currency Bill
Reuters, By Susan Cornwell
Wednesday, 10.12.11
Congress finally gets it: Free trade is good for America
Christian Science Monitor, By Bill Reinsch
Thursday, 10.6.11
Trade Deals Could Be Voted on Next Week
Wall Street Journal, By Tom Barkley and Elizabeth Williamson
Thursday, 10.6.11
Trade deals were cash cow for K Street
The Hill, By Kevin Bogardus
Thursday, 10.6.11
Congress Ready To Vote On Three Free-Trade Accords Within Week
Bloomberg Businessweek
Thursday, 10.6.11
Stalled free trade deals now on a fast track, White House says
Christian Science Monitor, By Howard LaFranchi
Thursday, 10.6.11
Senate May Vote on Trade Pacts Oct. 12 as Daley Urges Passage
Bloomberg Businessweek, By Eric Martin
Wednesday, 10.5.11
Daley Says Trade Agreements Should Clear U.S. Congress Next Week
Bloomberg Businessweek, By Eric Martin
Tuesday, 10.4.11
Lawmakers Calls For International Pressure To Stop China’s Cyber-Espionage
Washington Post
Monday, 10.3.11
Obama Sends Korea, Colombia, Panama Free Trade Deals to Congress
Market News International - By Heather Scott
Thursday, 9.29.11
U.S.-Cuba Policy, And The Race For Oil Drilling
The Hill
Thursday, 9.29.11
Congressman Howard Berman Introduces Two Jobs Bills
Wednesday, 9.28.11
Drivers In Cuba Turn Genius To Ensure Classic Detroit Cars Still Run
Detroit Free Press
Tuesday, 9.27.11
Tax Wars: The Accidental Billion-Dollar Break
Financial Times
Thursday, 9.22.11
Senate Poised to Vote on Trade Aid That May Advance Agreements
Bloomberg, By Eric Martin
Wednesday, 9.21.11
Business Groups Express Opposition to China Currency Legislation"
The Hill,By Vicki Needham
Tuesday, 9.20.11
Ruffled Feathers: U.S. Escalates Fight Over China' Poultry Penalties
By Kevin Hall
Tuesday, 9.13.11
Senate leader vows push on China currency bill
Reuters - By Andy Sullivan and Paul Eckert
Tuesday, 9.13.11
Rep Brady optimistic US to OK trade deals very soon
Reuters - By Doug Palmer
Tuesday, 9.13.11
Momentum builds for U.S. action on trade deals
Reuters - By Doug Palmer