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Monday, 11.19.12
As Myanmar Opens Up, U.S. Firms Wade In
Friday, 11.16.12
Business Groups Score Win With Russia PNTR
National Journal
Wednesday, 11.14.12
U.S. House Likely To Pass Perm Normal Trade Relations W/ Russia”
Monday, 11.12.12
Wanted: Treasury Secretary With Clout And Luster”
McClatchy Newspapers
Wednesday, 10.24.12
Internet Allows Even Smallest Businesses To Go Global, Panel Says”
McClatchy Newspapers
Wednesday, 10.24.12
Lower Trade Barriers Sought For Small Online Sellers
National Journal
Wednesday, 10.24.12
Romney’s Pledge on China Currency Won’t Be Met in a Day
Bloomberg, By Brian Wingfield and Ian Katz
Wednesday, 10.17.12
Opportunity for Course Correction in Ecuador
The Hill's Global Affairs Blog, Op-ed By Bill Reinsch
Tuesday, 10.16.12
What Interest Groups Are Doing for the Debate
National Journal Influence Alley, By Elahe Izadi
Friday, 10.5.12
Which Members Are Most Pro-Trade, According To NFTC
National Journal Influence Alley
Friday, 10.5.12
Foreign Trade Group Grades Lawmakers
Politico Influence
Thursday, 10.4.12
U.S., Mexico Can Manage Tomato Trade Dispute: U.S. Official
Tuesday, 10.2.12
U.S. Groups Fear Mexican Trade War Over Obama Tomato Move
Thursday, 9.27.12
Shipping Bytes Across Borders
Jake Colvin, NFTC
Friday, 8.31.12
Tackle International Markets With These Key Strategies
Jacksonville Business Journal
Wednesday, 8.29.12
Infrared Export Limits Pentagon Wants Opposed By Industry
Wednesday, 8.22.12
Russia – The Best Pick Among Emerging Market Stocks?
Wednesday, 8.22.12
Business Leaders Want Normal Trade Relations With Russia
Wednesday, 8.22.12
Push Continues To Normalize Trade Relations With Russia
The Hill
Tuesday, 8.21.12
U.S. Business Groups See Small Window For Russia Trade Bill Before Election
Dow Jones
Tuesday, 8.21.12
House Aims To Take Up Trade Bill In September
The Hill
Monday, 7.30.12
Business Groups Worry That Congress Will Leave Russia Trade Bill Hanging
The Hill, By Vicki Needham
Wednesday, 7.18.12
Senate Finance Unanimously Approves Bill to Normalize Trade with Russia
The Hill, By Vicki Needham
Monday, 6.18.12
Regulatory hurdles challenge U.S.-EU trade hopes
Reuters, By Doug Palmer
Monday, 6.18.12
Mexico Joining Pacific Trade Talks Seen Aiding Canada’s Chances
By Brian Wingfield