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Friday, 2.8.13
U.S. Crude Exports Argument Needs Refining
Financial Times
Sunday, 2.3.13
Services Trade Deal Could Open U.S. To More Foreign Workers
Thursday, 1.31.13
Corporations Worry About Obama’s Next Budget
Albuquerque Business First
Thursday, 1.31.13
“Morocco: Devil Is In The Details – Promoting U.S. Product Standards
Morocco on the Move
Thursday, 1.31.13
U.S. Ban On LNG Exports Would Violate WTO Rules – Experts”
Thursday, 1.31.13
Corporations Fear Big Tax Hikes In White House Budget
Thursday, 1.31.13
Business Tax Makeover Looks Unlikely
McClatchy Newspapers
Tuesday, 1.22.13
Ron Kirk’s Departure Leaves Questions About Obama Trade Policies
Dallas Morning News
Tuesday, 1.15.13
Trade: Regional Ventures Form Part Of New Way Forward
Financial Times
Friday, 1.11.13
NFTC: Don’t Expect Comprehensive Tax Reform This Year
Thursday, 12.20.12
U.S. Hopes To Resolve Iran Nuclear Standoff In 2013
Voice of America
Friday, 12.14.12
President Obama Signs Russia Trade Bill
The Hill
Tuesday, 12.11.12
Moving Beyond Currency Manipulation in U.S.-China Trade Relations
Bill Reinsch for The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs
Thursday, 12.6.12
Nuclear Deal With Iran May Hinge On European Sanctions Relief
Al Monitor
Thursday, 12.6.12
White House, Business Groups Commend Congress For Passage Of Russia Trade Bill
The Hill
Monday, 12.3.12
Treasury Dept. Declines To Name China A Currency Manipulator
Industry Market Trends
Monday, 12.3.12
Trade Deals Could Help President Obama With Business
Wednesday, 11.28.12
U.S. Refrains From Branding China ‘Currency Manipulator’
International Business Times
Tuesday, 11.27.12
U.S. Treasury Declines To Name China Currency Manipulator”
Sunday, 11.25.12
Mom And Pop Go Global
Huffington Post
Monday, 11.19.12
As Myanmar Opens Up, U.S. Firms Wade In
Friday, 11.16.12
Business Groups Score Win With Russia PNTR
National Journal
Wednesday, 11.14.12
U.S. House Likely To Pass Perm Normal Trade Relations W/ Russia”
Monday, 11.12.12
Wanted: Treasury Secretary With Clout And Luster”
McClatchy Newspapers
Wednesday, 10.24.12
Internet Allows Even Smallest Businesses To Go Global, Panel Says”
McClatchy Newspapers