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Past NFTC Presidents and Chairmen

It's a remarkable fact that since 1932 when the office was created, the NFTC has had just 7 presidents. (Prior to that time, Chairman James A. Farrell also served as de facto NFTC President.)

The NFTC President is the CEO and COO of the organization, directing the day to day activities of the staff in pursuit of the organization's goals. He or she is also a member of the NFTC Board of Directors.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors convenes and chairs board meetings, setting goals and overall direction of the organization. The Chairman must be from an NFTC member company.

NFTC Presidents (1932-present)

1932 1950 Eugene P. Thomas

1950 1962 William S. Swingle

1962 1962 John Akin

1963 1979 Robert M. Norris

1979 1988 Richard W. Roberts

1988 - 2000 Frank Kittredge

2001 present Bill Reinsch

NFTC Chairmen (1914-present)

1914 1943 James A. Farrell, President of United States Steel Cooperation

1943 1945 Eugene P. Thomas, Vice President of United States Steel Cooperation

1945 1947 John Abbink, President of the McGraw-Hill International Corporation

1947 1957 Robert F. Loree, Vice President of Morgan Guaranty Trust

1957 1962 George W. Wolf, President of United States Steel Cooperation

1962 1963 James A. Farrell Jr., President of Farrell Lines

1963 1969 E. S. Hoglund, Executive for GM

1969 1976 Robert J. Dixson, President of Johnson & Johnson

1976 1979 James M. Roche, Chairman and CEO of GM

1979 1981 J. Kenneth Jamieson, Chairman and CEO of Exxon

1981 1984 William S. Anderson, Chairman of National Cash Register Corp (NCR)

1984 1987 Robert Frederick, President and COO of RCA

1987 1989 No Chairman

1989 1991 Charles Hugel, Chairman of Asea Brown Boveri and RJR Nabisco

1991 1993 Donald Fites, Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar

1993 1995 Patrick Ward, President and CEO of Caltex Petroleum

1995 1998 James Perrella, President and CEO of Ingersoll-Rand (a founding company)

1999 2001 Richard Swift, President and CEO of Foster Wheeler

2001-2004 Michael Jordan, CEO, EDS

2005-2007 Dinesh Paliwal, CEO, ABB North America

2008-2010 John Mullen, CEO, DHL Express

2011 present Ambassador Alan Wolff, Senior Counsel McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP