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The NFTC is the leading business organization on international tax issues, and successfully initiates and resolves significant tax matters affecting U.S. business. The NFTC maintains a Tax Committee which has four Working Groups: Legislative, Regulatory, Non-U.S. Issues and Tax Treaty, which are comprised of U.S. business community leaders who:
  • Draft international tax legislation;
  • Lobby for enactment of legislation;
  • Facilitate the negotiation and ratification of tax treaties;
  • Interact with Treasury and IRS officials and comment on proposed regulations; and
  • Interact with foreign governments and comment on proposed tax law changes that will affect U.S. multinationals around the world, particularly in OECD countries.

In addition to developing international tax policies, the NFTC Tax Committee often provides testimony during Senate Foreign Relations Committee tax treaty ratification hearings, and has been identified as the most influential business group dedicated to tax treaties. The NFTC Tax Committee also coordinates efforts on important international tax regulation activities and meets with officials from the U.S. Treasury and foreign governments to facilitate the resolution of bilateral tax treaty issues.

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