President Obama on the big screen, addressing the audience at the NFTC 100th World Trade Dinner
President Bill Reinsch moderating the trade panel at the IDFA Dairy Forum in Miami, FL
Global Innovation Forum Director Jake Colvin moderating a panel on financial technology and entrepreneurship
NFTC President Bill Reinsch speaking in Dublin at the Euromoney Conference
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Normally, I’m a big fan of irony. Having spent 20 years on the Hill and nearly eight in the Executive Branch, I’ve run into a lot and have generally found something to chuckle about each time I’ve been confronted with one. Currently, however, we are experiencing three ironies which have their amusing aspects but nonetheless threaten our efforts to enact Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and, ultimately, to secure approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreements that are being negotiated..
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View from the NFTC Chair
Jobs, Technology and Trade Agreements
There is a widely held concern in America and abroad over a shortfall in the number and quality of jobs now and in the years ahead. Globalization and the deployment of new technologies challenge each economy.  Opponents of trade agreements see in them a source of additional stress, if not outright harm. Two American Nobel Laureate economists see the current negotiation of new trade agreements as a mistake. They are wrong.

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