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Thursday, 6.19.14
NFTC Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tax Treaties
Monday, 6.9.14
Business Supports Senate Action on Tax Treaties
Wednesday, 5.28.14
NFTC Chairman Ambassador Alan Wolff Delivers Remarks at NFTC Centennial Reception
Wednesday, 5.28.14
Ambassador Bill Brock Delivers Remarks at NFTC Centennial Reception
Friday, 5.9.14
USA*Engage Statement on U.S. Russia Economic Sanctions
Tuesday, 5.6.14
NFTC Letter of Intent to Provide Testimony at USTR Hearing on WTO Environmental Goods Agreement
Thursday, 5.1.14
NFTC Submisssion on the OECD Hybrid Mismatch Discussion Draft
Wednesday, 4.9.14
Comments on Public Discussion Draft, “BEPS Action 6: Preventing the Granting of Treaty Benefits in Inappropriate Circumstances”
Tuesday, 3.11.14
Miller & Chevalier Chartered and National Foreign Trade Council's 2014 Tax Policy Forecast Survey
Monday, 3.10.14
Remarks by Bill Reinsch, Pacific Northwest Waterways Association, The Obama Administration Trade Policy
Wednesday, 2.26.14
NFTC Statement of William Reinsch Before The Senate Committee On Foreign Relations Hearing On The Ratification Of Income Tax Treaties And Protocols
Friday, 2.21.14
NFTC Joins With Other Leading Business Organizations in Expressing Support for TPP
Tuesday, 2.18.14
A Post-Bali Agenda for the WTO
Wednesday, 2.12.14
The European Union and TTIP: How does it work?
Monday, 1.27.14
NFTC Joins With Other Leading Business Organizations in Urging Senate to Renew GSP
Monday, 1.27.14
USA*Engage Letter Calls on Senate to Oppose Iran Sanctions Legislation
Tuesday, 1.14.14
Testimony of Dan O’Flaherty, Before the International Trade Commission Support for Renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity Act
Tuesday, 1.14.14
Ambassador Froman Speaks at NFTC Centennial Kickoff Reception
Tuesday, 1.14.14
"President Woodrow Wilson" Speaks at NFTC Centennial Kickoff Reception
Friday, 12.13.13
NFTC Cheat Sheet to the Trade Facilitation Agreement
Monday, 11.18.13
The Obama Administration Trade Policy - Remarks the Washington Council on International Trade
Thursday, 10.17.13
A ‘BIT’ Therapy for Foreign Investment Schizophrenia?
Wednesday, 10.9.13
Senator Ron Wyden's Keynote Address at 2013 NFTC World Trade Dinner
Wednesday, 10.9.13
NFTC Presented its 2013 World Trade Award to Dr. Fred Bergsten
Wednesday, 10.9.13
Senator Ron Wyden Keynote Address at 2013 World Trade Dinner