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NFTC Welcomes Continued Transatlantic Engagement

WASHINGTON D.C. - National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) President Jake Colvin today released the following statement following the conclusion of the second meeting of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC):

"Faced with economic and security challenges around the world, it's never been more important for the United States to develop closer trade ties with our partners in Europe.

"The recent TTC meetings provide a solid foundation to advance shared transatlantic trade priorities. In particular, we welcome efforts to enhance cooperation on export controls and critical infrastructure, next steps to help small businesses leverage digital tools, and work to promote sustainable and resilient supply chains.

"These developments hint at the potential for the United States and Europe to utilize trade tools to reduce supply chain bottlenecks, enhance national security, address shared environmental and labor priorities, and create a more inclusive transatlantic marketplace.

"NFTC looks forward to working with USTR, the Commerce Department and the European Union to realize commercially-meaningful outcomes from the TTC's work."


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