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NFTC Welcomes Inaugural Meeting of U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council

Jake Colvin, Incoming President of the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC), released the following statement as the first meeting of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) began in Pittsburgh on September 29:

"The NFTC welcomes the first meeting of the TTC, which offers a unique opportunity to boost EU-U.S. economic competitiveness while setting global standards based upon shared values and principles of fair treatment and non-discrimination.

"The United States and the EU should utilize the TTC to seek concrete deliverables on shared priorities that reflect lessons learned from COVID-19 and benefit businesses, workers and consumers across the Atlantic.

"It is particularly critical for the two sides to ensure that digital regulations are rooted in core transatlantic principles of non-discrimination; protection of privacy, security, and intellectual property; and due process; and benefit from meaningful regulatory dialogues and input.

"The TTC is also a chance for the United States and the EU to recommit to uphold and promote shared principles and values globally. The two sides should utilize the TTC to shape global norms on priorities including data flows, industrial subsidies, secure and resilient global supply chains and export controls, and to jointly address growing digital protectionism.

"The business community is looking for tangible outcomes from this initiative and stands ready to engage with public and private sector stakeholders to make the TTC a success."

This statement follows on the release last week of recommendations to promote small business access to digital technologies through the TTC by the NFTC Foundation's Global Innovation Forum and Allied For Startups, which can be found here.


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