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NFTC Releases Policy Brief on "Trade, Taxes and Competitiveness: Strategies for a New Era"

Washington D.C. - The National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) released today a policy brief titled "Trade, Taxes and Competitiveness: Strategies for a New Era." The brief outlines the business community's commitment to working together on a bipartisan basis with the new Administration and Congress to create innovative policies and unleash a new era of U.S. competitiveness.

"We want to begin a dialogue with policymakers on what we believe to be the essential elements of a new strategy to improve our international competitiveness, promote economic growth, and broaden the benefits of trade and globalization to a larger cross-section of American workers and consumers" said Rufus Yerxa, President of the NFTC.

In the brief, NFTC highlights the importance of making America more competitive in the global economy by ensuring the adoption of forward-looking tax and trade policies, by strengthening global rules, and by opening foreign markets to U.S. products and services.

The brief outlines four core elements for advancing these goals:
  • An outward-looking and dynamic trade policy that maintains a commitment to open markets, appropriately addresses unfair trade and economic policies and creates better, more transparent rules for global competition.
  • Tax policies that will significantly strengthen our global competitiveness, spur investment across broad sectors of our economy and benefit working Americans.
  • A strategy to better position our workforce to take advantage of new economic opportunities, one that effectively enables workers to close the skills gap in manufacturing and value-added service industries and that supports labor and mobility.
  • A national infrastructure program that is aligned at the federal, state and local level, that ensures more public-private cooperation and that enhances both our quality of life and our global competitiveness.
"We believe the President-elect's Administration will share many of our goals – to improve our competitiveness, to find ways of encouraging American companies to invest at home, export more and to create new opportunities for America's highly talented and motivated workforce" said Yerxa. "Our member companies are looking forward to working alongside Congress and the Administration to reach these goals"

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