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Both winners and losers are cool to Obama's corporate tax reform
Date: 2/24/2012
Written By: The Hill, By Bernie Becker and Kevin Bogardus

Excerpt: Even business sectors that would gain an advantage from President Obama's corporate tax overhaul have given a cool reaction to his proposal. The poor reviews from groups that might be described as winners under the plan underscores the challenge the administration faces. … With the campaign moving into full swing, many on K Street say November's election will play a big role in deciding when, or if, policymakers have a breakthrough on tax reform. "Once we get past this year, and if Obama gets reelected, I suspect he will have to come with up a real plan and not something to appease parts of his voting populace," said Catherine Schultz, vice president of tax policy for the National Foreign Trade Council. And if a Republican takes over the Oval Office, Schultz added, corporate tax reform might be put on the back-burner as a new administration begins to take shape. "If it's not Obama, we are going to have wait even longer for tax reform because they will have set up their government," Schultz said.