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NFTC Welcomes Agreement to End U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Trucking Dispute
Date: 7/6/2011
Written By: Jennifer Cummings, The Fratelli Group for NFTC, (202) 822-9491

Washington, DC The National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) today welcomed news that the United States and Mexico have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at finally resolving the longstanding bilateral dispute on cross-border trucking. The NFTC expressed support for the agreement, which will reinstate the cross-border pilot program, a key milestone in U.S. adherence to its NAFTA services commitments. This reinstatement will trigger the phase out of some of Mexico's retaliatory tariffs. The trade association also cautioned that any possible attempts by the U.S. Congress to derail the pilot program would put a strain on U.S.-Mexico relations and invite additional economic retaliation.

"We are pleased by today's announcement, as it marks a necessary step to resolve this issue once and for all, and removes a nagging thorn in the side of U.S.-Mexico trade relations," said NFTC President Bill Reinsch. "We are encouraged that there is finally a positive end in sight, and we urge Congress to refrain from any action that would derail the pilot program or fall short of our commitments under NAFTA. Those kinds of unproductive maneuvers would bring us back to square one, perhaps with even more severe economic consequences."

"Mexico is one of our most important trading partners, and our failure to abide by our commitments has cost United States' workers, farmers and companies billions of dollars. Restoring good faith and putting our commercial relationship with Mexico back on track is critical to U.S. economic growth, increased exports and job creation," said NFTC Vice President for Regional Trade Initiatives Chuck Dittrich. "This dispute has dragged on long enough and we commend the U.S. and Mexican governments' commitment to staying on course to resolve this issue."

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