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White House's China Handling Gets Thumbs Up From Business Lobby
Date: 3/21/2011
Written By: Wall Street Journal, By Michael Crittenden

"White House's China Handling Gets Thumbs Up From Business Lobby"
Wall Street Journal
March 21, 2011
By Michael Crittenden

Excerpt: The Obama administration is receiving plaudits for its handling of the complicated relationship with China from an unlikely source: business groups that have not been shy about picking fights with the White House… "The administration has never been as excited about currency as the Congress has," said William Reinsch, president of the National Foreign Trade Council. That perspective is shared by business groups, he said, which are more concerned with intellectual-property violations and Chinese policies that require U.S. firms to hand over proprietary information in order to do business in the country. Despite what they see as progress in the relationship with China, business groups are also wary of any possible backsliding by Beijing that hurts U.S. firms. Reinsch said there have been no indications yet that China intends to renege on the long list of commitments U.S. and Chinese officials agreed to in January, but warned "if they took any steps backward you'd hear about it quickly."