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Pack Your Bags for Cuba? Maybe Soon, If You Have a Good Reason
Date: 8/20/2010
Written By: Huffington Post, By Jake Colvin

Excerpt: Widespread speculation that the Obama administration will loosen restrictions on the ability of American citizens to visit Cuba has put travel to the island back in the spotlight. If you are hoping that the president's expected announcement will allow you to travel to Cuba, here are a few things to consider: Ten years ago, Congress passed legislation which restricts the president from allowing "travel to, from, or within Cuba for tourist activities." The president may only license travel under a dozen categories of travel for a particular reason. Under current law, American citizens may be able to travel to Cuba to visit family, to conduct professional or academic research, for educational or religious reasons, for public performances or exhibitions, to support the Cuban people, to conduct humanitarian projects, or to market or sell certain products. There are also exemptions for journalists, diplomats, and private foundations. Within these limitations, the president has the ability to get many more Americans traveling to Cuba for activities that would benefit the United States and the Cuban people.