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NFTC Urges Political Leadership on the Doha Negotiations
Date: 3/22/2007
Written By: Susan Mora or Jennifer Cummings, The Fratelli Group for NFTC, 202-822-9491

Council LeadsU.S. Business Delegation Visit to India to Discuss Trade Talks

Washington, DC - On the eve of an NFTC-led, U.S. business community visit to India, the Council today released the following statement calling on WTO Members to bring the Doha Round of negotiations to a successful and ambitious conclusion. The NFTC will lead an eight-member delegation of business leaders to India from March 26-30, 2007, and will meet with key government and business officials to discuss the Doha Round.




"This is an important visit for the NFTC and its members," stated Mary Irace, NFTC Vice President of Trade & Export Finance. "There is an increasingly narrow window of opportunity to achieve a needed breakthrough in the Doha Round. The United States and India have a vital stake in a timely and ambitious conclusion to these negotiations, and the NFTC delegation looks forward to a dialogue with senior government and business officials in India about the importance of achieving this objective as soon as possible," continued Irace.




The NFTC today also released a policy statement, entitled "A Call to Leadership on the Doha Round," which urges WTO Members to make a concerted effort to reaffirm their commitment to multilateral trade liberalization by concluding the negotiations successfully and in a timely manner.




"The stakes are high and failure is not an option. As the WTO enters its thirteenth year of existence and builds on the GATT established 60 years ago, the vision of an ambitious and successful outcome to the Doha Development Agenda is within reach if WTO Members exert the necessary political will and leadership," noted the statement.




"It is a vision of enormous economic promise and development through a higher level of openness and multilateral commitment to expanding global economic engagement. The vision is there, now is the time to seize it," the statement concluded.




For a copy of the statement, please click here.





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