NFTC Trade Committee Meeting with Barbara Weisel, AUSTR for Southeast Asia and the Pacific and Chief U.S. Negotiator on the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP

Date: 1/6/10

Barbara will outline the Administrations approach on TPP in developing the U.S. negotiating objectives, consulting with Congress and other stakeholders, and developing the administrative process of the negotiations. We encourage you to take time to evaluate your sector or companyspriorities for the TPP and be willing to discuss them at the Trade Committee meeting. USTR has set up a TPP center on their website at:

Also, the NFTC has met regularly through the past year with an informal group of trade associations most supportive of the TPP, the embassies of TPP partner countries, USTR and Congressional staff. Please let us know of your companys interest in taking a leadership role in support of TPP as the negotiations move forward and we organize around the effort.

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