Homeland Security Webinar Series

Security Changes in the Energy, Oil and Natural Resources Areas

Date: 6/3/04

Security Changes in the Energy, Oil and Natural Resources Areas

Michael Zimmer, Baker & McKenzie, Washington, DC

June 3, 2004

11:00am – 11:45am EST


Baker & McKenzie’s U.S. Homeland Security Practice, Congressional Quarterly Inc., and the National Foreign Trade Council are proud to announce a series of Webinars on homeland security legal issues. Discussions will cover topics related to Homeland Security issues relevant to companies and how they conduct business.


The nation”s energy infrastructure unfortunately presents a prime target for would be terrorists.  Traditionally, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has provided for the public posting of a wide variety of detailed information on the infrastructure of the energy industries it regulates: the electricity, natural gas, hydroelectric, and oil industries. This information often includes detailed maps and other location and operational information that could potentially be useful in planning a terrorist attack. This information has become even more readily accessible due to Internet filing and posting of information. Recently, the FERC responded to concerns over the public availability of this information with a rule containing restrictions on the posting of certain infrastructure information, known as Critical Energy Infrastructure Information or CEII. This session will focus on understanding the breadth of this rule and what it means for companies developing and operating energy infrastructure in the United States.


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