Commerce 3.0: eBay, PayPal & NFTC Panel Discussion

Date: 10/24/12

Commerce 3.0: eBay, PayPal & NFTC Panel Discussion

As technology continues to blur the lines between online and offline, local and global commerce, lawmakers have before them an opportunity to foster economic opportunity – particularly among small businesses. eBay and PayPal, together with the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC), are bringing together a panel of expert discussants to explore new dynamics in trade and how technology along with smart policymaking can create economic opportunity. The panel has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 24, and will feature experts from the public and private sector, including large and small business representatives. The panel will be kicked off with an invite-only lunch, followed by the panel discussion and an opportunity for audience participation.


Moderator: Jake Colvin, Vice President, National Foreign Trade Council

Expert discussants include:
•Ambassador Susan Schwab, Strategic Adviser, Mayer Brown LLP
•Michael Masserman, Executive Director, Export Policy, Promotion and Strategy, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
•Brian Bieron, Senior Director, Global Public Policy, eBay Inc.
•Ralph Carter, Managing Director, Legal, Trade, & International Affairs, FedEx

Also featuring:
•Mark Mastandrea, Senior Director, Strategic Shipping and North American Shipping Strategy, eBay Inc.
•Chris Chapman, Owner, Loucon LLC, Shady Side, MD

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