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Membership Benefits

The NFTC is the only business association dedicated solely to trade policy, export finance, and international tax issues on behalf of its members. Member participation includes corporate headquarters departments, geographic regional offices, and Washington offices. Membership in the NFTC provides a wide range of important benefits:

  • Information and Expertise
  • Access
  • Influence

Information and Expertise

  • Access to the highly experienced and effective NFTC staff.
  • Late-breaking updates and expert analysis of proposed legislation and regulations that impact your bottom line.
  • Authoritative international human resource information about program management, best practices, and benchmarking, from sources that include member companies and surveys.
  • Regular updates on the progress of the NFTC policy agenda and your role in it.
  • Networking and collaboration with colleagues from world class U.S.-based companies, including a Board of Directors that is active and engaged on international trade, export finance, tax and human resource management issues.
  • Access to organized lobbying visits with Members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Involvement in small group meetings with senior Executive Branch officials on issues of priority to your company.
  • Participation in special events for world leaders and high-level decision-makers.
  • Opportunities to participate in and work on "ahead of the curve" issues that will affect your company in the future.

  • Membership in an umbrella organization that advocates open world markets and fights against protectionist legislation and policies.
  • Rapid and effective response to fast-moving legislative and policy developments by a team with a reputation for tackling tough issues and getting results.
  • Active participation in NFTC committees where members develop common in-depth positions and testimony on business-related issues.
  • Participation in NFTC-led business coalitions on major international trade and tax issues.