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NFTC in the News

NFTC in the News
Monday, 12.12.16
US trade group will work with Trump; defend free trade rules
Saturday, 12.3.16
China risks undermining a unique economic and environmental pact
Jake Colvin
Thursday, 10.10.13
Sen. Wyden Says New TPA Framework Should Reflect 21st Century Challenges
Bloomberg BNA
Wednesday, 10.17.12
Opportunity for Course Correction in Ecuador
The Hill's Global Affairs Blog, Op-ed By Bill Reinsch
Tuesday, 10.16.12
What Interest Groups Are Doing for the Debate
National Journal Influence Alley, By Elahe Izadi
Monday, 12.12.11
Some Benefits Seen For U.S. In Climate Talk Results
McClatchy Newspapers
Monday, 11.14.11
“APEC Leaders Seek Trade To Buffer Global Risks”
GMA News
Monday, 11.14.11
APEC Leaders Commit To Green Trade Liberalization
Tuesday, 11.8.11
SIIA Joins Call For U.S. Action To Promote Cross-Border Data Flows
Software Development Times
Wednesday, 10.12.11
Congress finally gets it: Free trade is good for America
Christian Science Monitor, By Bill Reinsch
Thursday, 10.6.11
Trade Deals Could Be Voted on Next Week
Wall Street Journal, By Tom Barkley and Elizabeth Williamson
Thursday, 10.6.11
Trade deals were cash cow for K Street
The Hill, By Kevin Bogardus
Thursday, 10.6.11
Stalled free trade deals now on a fast track, White House says
Christian Science Monitor, By Howard LaFranchi
Thursday, 10.6.11
Senate May Vote on Trade Pacts Oct. 12 as Daley Urges Passage
Bloomberg Businessweek, By Eric Martin
Wednesday, 10.5.11
Daley Says Trade Agreements Should Clear U.S. Congress Next Week
Bloomberg Businessweek, By Eric Martin
Friday, 7.29.11
The Market For U.S. Cleantech Is Out There
The Energy Collective
Wednesday, 6.8.11
The End Of China’s Wind Subsidy Program And The Future Of Global Clean Technology Markets
Huffington Post
Thursday, 2.3.11
Obama’s Wager On Clean Energy: The Right Role For Government?
Politics Daily
Tuesday, 1.11.11
US Targets China In Renewable Subsidies
Environmental Finance
Thursday, 4.15.10
House Committee On Ways and Means Holds Hearings On Energy Tax Incentives
North American Wind Power
Saturday, 12.12.09
Trade, Discord Fuels U.S.-China Tension in Copenhagen
Bloomberg, Kim Chipman
Wednesday, 12.9.09
US Favors Early Action on Climate-Friendly Trade
Thomson Reuters, Doug Palmer
Tuesday, 11.10.09
India Economic Summit / Trade and Climate Change
Live Mint (Wall Street Journal), Ayeshea Perera
Tuesday, 11.10.09
Divisions Persist in WEF Climate Change Session
Live Mint (Wall Street Journal), Ayeshea Perera
Friday, 9.18.09
U.S. Group Urges ‘Peace Clause’ in Senate Bill
Thomson Reuters, Doug Palmer
Friday, 8.28.09
Can Push For Climate Bill Forge A Lasting Labor-Enviro Alliance?
ClimateWire, Ben Geman
Thursday, 8.27.09
Foreign Car Makers Fear A Detroit Bias in Washington
Wall Street Journal, Josh Mitchell
Wednesday, 8.12.09
America’s Green Trade Challenge
BusinessWeek, Jake Colvin
Wednesday, 8.5.09
US Industries Press for ‘Green’ Trade Accord
Christian Science Monitor, Howard LaFranchi
Thursday, 7.30.09
Are Carbon Tariffs A Good Idea?
Thomson Reuters, Gina-Marie Cheeseman
Monday, 7.27.09
US Business Groups Warn Against ‘Green Trade War’
Business Green
Friday, 7.24.09
Embassy Row: Green War
Washington Times, James Morrison
Friday, 7.10.09
Oil Refiners and Farmers Lobby for Climate Change Concessions
Environmental Leader
Wednesday, 7.8.09
Auto Program in Climate Bill Raises Trade Concerns
Wall Street Journal, Josh Mitchell
Monday, 6.29.09
Border Taxes Linked to Cap-and-Trade Laws
Alan Beattie and Fiona Harvey, Financial Times
Wednesday, 6.24.09
Possible Plan for Tariffs on Imports From China Remains Alive in House Climate Bill
Lisa Friedman, New York Times
Friday, 3.20.09
Pro-Free Trade Groups Put Together Broad Coalition
Bob Davis, Wall Street Journal Blog
Thursday, 3.12.09
Trade Concerns Raised in U.S. Climate Debate
Ben Block, Eye on Earth [Worldwatch Institute]
Friday, 2.20.09
Obama Climate Plan May Spur Trade Row Over Company Protections
Mark Drajem and Catherine Dodge, Bloomberg
Thursday, 2.19.09
No Trade-off on Trade
Lara Birkes and Jake Colvin, The Guardian
Monday, 7.21.08
G8 Nations Vow to Cut GHG
Bruce Geiselman, Waste News
Friday, 1.11.08
Climate Change Legislation May Go Before Congress
Pam Kasey, State Journal
Tuesday, 12.11.07
Climate – Lieberman-Warner, Energy Bill Susceptible to WTO Challenge: Analysis
Environment & Energy Daily