President Obama on the big screen, addressing the audience at the NFTC 100th World Trade Dinner
President Bill Reinsch moderating the trade panel at the IDFA Dairy Forum in Miami, FL
Global Innovation Forum Director Jake Colvin moderating a panel on financial technology and entrepreneurship
NFTC President Bill Reinsch speaking in Dublin at the Euromoney Conference
Ambassador Jonathan Fried, Sir Simon Evenet, and NFTC President Reinsch at the London Forum on Trade and Investment
NFTC President Bill Reinsch convening the 2015 London Forum on Trade and Investment
Toyota MMA President Norm Bafunno touring India House in NYC at the June Board of Directors meeting
India House General Manager Bruce Godfrey with NFTC Board members Paul Nolan (McCormick) and Norm Bafunno (Toyota), and NFTC President Bill Reinsch
The NFTC Board of Directors paying their respects at the former site of the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan
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There were a lot of high-fives and backslaps this past summer after Congress finally passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), along with extensions of African Growth and Opportunity Act and Generalized System of Preferences and sundry other things. As you know, it was a long, hard, difficult fight where the Administration and the business community faced an exceptionally well-organized and determined opposition that proved particularly adept at mobilizing grassroots opponents.
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View from the NFTC Chair
There is more art than science involved in closing a deal. That is a lesson learned from a mentor of mine. The Tokyo Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations was still stalled when newly-minted U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Strauss made his first trip to Brussels to meet with the European Commission (EC). Bob had no trade experience. He had been Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

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